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Rethinking the Grey Man
8 February 2021, 14:58,
RE: Rethinking the Grey Man
(11 August 2020, 09:30)Little Lou Wrote: Recent events are making me think that to be truly 'grey', the prepper actually needs to be nore of a chameleon. I realize the current situation is nothing like a SHTF event (or at least not yet!) but the build-up could be similar, and it's struck me how very public and open the whole thing has been. Instead of just walking past without taking notice, people have suddenly become much, much more interested in their neighbours.

Rule Number One- DON'T TELL YOUR NEIGHBOURS YOU'RE A PREPPER, otherwise they'll come hammering on your basement shelter begging to be let in, as in this Twilight Zone episode-

1- A jolly dinner party, what could go wrong?
2- Radio announcer- "Incoming nuclear missiles, get in your shelters!"
3- "Lemme in!"
4- "We said let us in!"
5- Radio announcer- "Sorry, false alarm"
[Image: shelter-1.gif~original]
[Image: shelter-2.gif~original]
8 February 2021, 15:06,
RE: Rethinking the Grey Man
PS- i learnt the hard way to keep my trap shut some years ago when our cycling club entered a 100-mile Reliability Trial in the dead of winter.
At the start I was foolishly showing off my small rucksack full of food and drink, and during the ride people began pedalling up to me to beg stuff from me after their own insufficient supply ran out, but I said "sorry i've only got enough for myself", which didn't make me very popular, but I survived the course and they didn't, and only me and a few others finished...Smile

Below: me in my cycling glory days-
[Image: mick-bike-glory.jpg]
8 February 2021, 20:11,
RE: Rethinking the Grey Man
Body language and demeanor are still a giveaway...

Unless the undercover exercises really good tradecraft he's going to get "made."

Usual situation for their use is surveillance, drug and human trafficing. Going after texting drivers they must not have enough "real" police work to do...

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73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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