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Read as your appliances may become useless
9 May 2013, 16:16,
RE: Read as your appliances may become useless
No Binnie, the fridge will still work in the same way in that your milk will still be cool. Remember what we want is the energy service of cool milk, this we will still receive with a Dynamic Demand enabled fridge. The difference is that the fridge will do its job of cooling your milk with consideration of the grid status, it will never fail to keep to milk cool thanks to the thermal inertia.

Say you've set the fridge to 4C. The fridge interprets this as no colder than 3C and no warmer than 5C (for example). Without DD the fridge will come on when it warms to 5C and stay on until it cools to 3C. With DD, the fridge will continuously check the grid status and come on when when grid load is light and delay coming on when grid load is heavy, however it will still respect the 3C and 5C thresholds and the user notices no difference. All that's happened is that the precise timing of load has been shifted a few minutes, this increases grid efficiency and reduces the chance of blackout.

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