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1st S13 £5 prep project.
6 June 2013, 21:18,
RE: 1st S13 £5 prep project.
If you're super skint & want to save a few more pennies, get an ordinary tabloid newspaper (sun, star & other crap like those) & take 1 double page. Rip across the whole double page, your strip needs to be roughly 1/3 the height of the page.

Take your ripped strip of paper & wrap it around an ordinary bean tin, leaving about 2 inches over the bottom of the tin. Wrap it around quite firmly, but remember you need to remove the tin again.

Fold the bottom 2 inches inwards to cover the base of the tin & press down firmly on the kitchen table, bench, doorstep etc.. & remove the tin. I always fold the top edge inwards to help keep the shape, but it isn't necessary.

You now have your very own "reclaimed" plant pot & also putting the paper to good use since the printers didn't originally Smile

From here, you can continue on with S13's steps.

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