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Rodent Control
27 October 2011, 15:43,
Rodent Control
Now I'm not very fond of rats - mice I can manage but rats will never be on my list of favourite furry creatures, but after an event there's a fair chance these flea-ridden, stinking, disease carriers will be doing all they can to strike-up a close relationship with all humans, dead and alive.
Broken sewers, ample rotting flesh, sanitary waste and God knows what else will provide a breeding ground for a rodent explosion.
What can we do about it if like me you are not too fond of rodents?
The common options of poisoning, gassing, trapping, shooting, use of cat or dog with the exception of the latter are unlikely to be practical long-term solutions although there is a certain pleasure in giving Mr.ratty the good news with a .22 pellet or a good helping of number 8 shot.
So perhaps it comes down to keeping a dog (all cats will be in the pot in no time) for long-term practical control?
Advice is what you seek when you know the answer but wish you didn't
27 October 2011, 16:51,
RE: Rodent Control
Dogs are easier to catch than cats (dogs being naturally friendly while cats are naturally 'standoff-ish')
I suspect dogs will be eaten before cats will be.

Yes there will be rats out there but they should be <b>out</b> there. You may encounter them in your outhouse but your home should be pretty rat-resistant. They can squeeze in some very small holes and jump some pretty impressive distances but most modern dwellings will be rat-resistant.

Don't forget rat-traps (just big mouse traps). These are cheap, simple and re-usable.
Doctor Prepper: What's the worst that could happen?
27 October 2011, 16:57,
RE: Rodent Control
i think dogs will be last on the menu as dogs will be more useful in other ways, guard dogs, herding dogs etc, much better to shoot the rats with an air rifle pellet good fun and you can practise your marksmanship at the same time.
27 October 2011, 18:18,
RE: Rodent Control
People won't be quick to eat their own dog but will be quick to eat the next door neighbours dog.
Doctor Prepper: What's the worst that could happen?
27 October 2011, 18:44,
RE: Rodent Control
(27 October 2011, 18:18)Skvez Wrote: People won't be quick to eat their own dog but will be quick to eat the next door neighbours dog.

dont you think the neighbours might have something to say about that?Big Grin
27 October 2011, 20:11,
RE: Rodent Control
Ergh I try when possible to avoid this subject but time after time it crops up, and I often end up getting into trouble for it.
Brian and you other good folks I think hygiene is one of the most utterly important issues facing us after a disaster or societal collapse, Hygiene around the isolated or locked down home and retreat is going to be just as important in staying alive as avoiding getting shot.

After most large disasters it is disease that inevitably turns out to be the biggest killer.

You refer to rodents as being a major issue , Sir I suggest that in a scenario that has possibly got millions of ill, dead or dying people laying about, hungry stressed and possibly injured preppers are going to be very vulnerable to any microscopic bug.

( Now Big Paul is laughing his socks off because he knows what is coming next and how my opinion got me banned from another UK forum for expressing it)

I suggest that not only rats, mice, voles, squirrels etc are going to spread pathogens but also mant birds that eat carrion such as blackbirds, crows, starlings, magpies etc. not to mention feral dogs.
Now the contentious bit...... I also suggest that most pet dogs and cats must be kept OUTSIDE the retreat, and any feral or misplaced moggies should be destroyed. Its a fact that cats can and do catch and kill rats, mice, birds, etc, and its an equal fact that very often any disease the rodents of birds are carrying are passed onto the cats. Do you want a cat wandering around inside your home or retreat across kitchen worktops etc that may have feasted on a plague infected rodent, or has walked in the drying gory remains of a dead person or creature that died from Typhus or Cholera or Dystenty? I certainly dont.

Its going to be personal choice but even though I am a dog owner my mutt is staying outside for the duration, and any felines will be treated the same ways as rats, mice, pigeons, and any other carrion eaters. I dont believe there is any place for sentimentality with pets in a disaster.

NR now ducks and awaits the flak.

28 October 2011, 00:52,
RE: Rodent Control
is that all that got you banned !
what a laugh
we all have ideas about what could or might happen but nobody knows for sure there is no right or wrong
if something did happen then you do what you want and feel happy with, if you get it wrong you die that simple.
we are all big boys and girls things should be talked about how ever frank and horrible that is
as long as we dont pick on each other like silly children do then thats fine
i think what comes along is food if you know what to look for and how to handle it.
i would even turn hannable if i had to but thats just me i wouldn't expect any one else to do that and i wouldn't think any less of someone who wouldn't
i do think in an after event people will cope with life even some survivalist getting ready for a bad winter is one thing but full on your gooing to need to be well train

NR pm me and let me know what sites have banned you as i need not apply then
cheers grumpy
to win the war, you must be willing to die
28 October 2011, 06:19,
RE: Rodent Control
Maybe it was the cat protection leagues website you posted on by mistake Big Grin

I'm a member of most (all ?) of the UK based prepping / survival sites and they all have their good and bad points but at least most of the people on them are prepping, maybe not all in the same way but if we all had the same views there wouldn't be a need for 5 or 6 UK based sites

There needs to be more co-operation between members/owners of the various UK based forums and less bitching about each other. I keep saying it on the various forums and I might as well repeat it here, but just because one person doesn't like a site it doesn't mean the site is rubbish, just that it doesn't suit you or the way you do things.

28 October 2011, 09:35, (This post was last modified: 28 October 2011, 09:54 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: Rodent Control
Guys I dont like telling folks which sites they should or should not join, just cos I became a social pariah for telling folks that Tiddles must dies doesnt mean that site will have lots of useful stuff that could help you. Your better off looking for yourselves and seeing if you like them or not.

Anyway BP got banned for refering to London as Londonistan !!!!!! Smile
Slightly more seriously, the main thing I admire about forums like this one and PUK is the moderation is generally left to the members to police themselves and there is no " inner circles" or Nepotism / Elitism which segregates individuals by age, experience, amount of poists made or how much they pay in donations. SD and myself have been doing this since the day of SLISTUK which existed BEFORE online forums (we were both on SLISTUK) and we both treat everyone EQUALLY.
Indeed Big Paul was around in the days of the Roman Forums !!! Smile

I have no distinction between and old survivalist and a new prepper, we are all trying to reach the same destination, Thats why I was so tickled pink to come across this forumbeing ran this way.
My dear Lady wife just looked over my shoulder, read the thread and said " you should have just said there is more than one way to skin a cat" !!!!!! Smile

28 October 2011, 10:55,
RE: Rodent Control
(27 October 2011, 18:44)bigpaul Wrote:
(27 October 2011, 18:18)Skvez Wrote: People won't be quick to eat their own dog but will be quick to eat the next door neighbours dog.
dont you think the neighbours might have something to say about that?Big Grin
You'd have to be pretty stupid (or desperate) to kill the neighbours dog infront of them but if their dog just disappears one day and never comes back what are they going to do?
Lots of cultures eat dog.
I'd certainly prefer to try dog before I try rat.
Doctor Prepper: What's the worst that could happen?

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