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Sharpening a blade
1 April 2013, 10:21,
RE: Sharpening a blade
for flat ground blades and axes i can genuinely reccomend the fallkniven DC4

it's quite small, but its absolutely brilliant when out in the field!!
8 April 2013, 19:38,
RE: Sharpening a blade
(29 March 2013, 20:51)Barneyboy Wrote:
(29 March 2013, 20:25)Hrusai Wrote: i've heard very good things about this, and it gets nutnfancy's seal of approval so thats like 4 people recommending it xD

150 pound alot of money Sad

there's are clones of these on ebay most from the far East but there is some that are shipped from UK sellers at less than £20
9 April 2013, 03:58,
RE: Sharpening a blade
nice now i can get one of those sharpeners soon!

also the dc3/4 whetstones are cheaper over at heinnie Smile, though unless you order a few other things to get over 30quid you dont get free post Tongue
10 April 2013, 11:22,
RE: Sharpening a blade
normal wet stones, ceramic block then on the strop!

Been sharpening a lot this week, my left arm now has very noticeable bald patches - knives are all shaving sharp. Arm hair seems to take a while to grow back too...

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