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What have done towards your prep?
13 October 2018, 15:59,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Over here the sheeple do the opposite to what is recommended by tptb, if told to evacuate they would stay put, or head for the supermarket and fight over a loaf of bread.

If a winter storm is forecast and they are told not to drive they jump into their cars unprepared, and put the rescue services in danger
14 October 2018, 20:34,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
We won’t be putting the new pond liner in this week as storm Callum has filled the pond up, we will do it next time the water level drops.

Tomorrow weather permitting i will top up vehicle fuel tanks, car and camper van, from the jerrycans, and get the jerrycans refilled with fresh fuel. I know properly stored fuel will be good for at least a year but for half an hours work, i change it every six months.
Yesterday, 15:55,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
My Jeep is running on petrol I put in the tank 2 years ago.

My Nissan sat for 18 months then started and ran on the fuel in the tank with no issues.

Changing it out if you have time is fine and shifts the use by date well ahead, but the fuel will be fine for several years from your storage date.
Yesterday, 16:18,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
That is my intention MB just extend the use by date. I also have fuel additives at hand as a last resort if i need to keep fuel for years.

If a vehicle has been layed up for some time i usually use a second battery and heavy duty jumper leads for an easier start, to keep the motor spinning over while the fuel is working through, weather this is good practice i do not know.
1 hour ago,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
With modern vehicles the fuel pump is normally in the tank, not at the engine pulling fuel forward. As soon as the electrics make contact you will usually hear the fuel pump do its little noise and now you have pressure pumping fuel to the injectors.

Fuel draining back into the tank and emptying you fuel lines is a sign of a secondary problem.

Even after sitting for months my old vehicles usually crank up after a couple of spins.

But I do have a couple of vehicles I can use for jumping off a stubborn one.

And a booster pack that has several uses. That little gizmo has been a real handy thing to have due to having a 12v plug and its own light on board. I often use it with 12v accessories in odd places like when a tire goes down on the garden tractor on the back of the place and I need the 12v compressor. The thing seems to hold a charge forever.

And there is the old fashioned battery charger which I connect any time I am dealing with one that has sit for some time.

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