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What have done towards your prep?
15 July 2019, 12:13,
RE: Gold
(23 January 2019, 23:14)Pete Grey Wrote: I’ve been pulled up in the past for suggesting people keep some of their finances in gold, in case of problems with cyber attacks on banks, with no cash machines working, shop tills frozen or even problems due to brexit.

I’m not saying all your money, just a percentage, not at the detriment of your normal preps but as a prep in its self.

In the last three months gold has gone from £972 per troy ounce to £1,127 per ounce, an increase of over 15%.

I know the price can go down but with the uncertainty due to brexit, the lack of any decent candidate for prime minister, and no chance of parliamentary agreement on any plan, i think gold will continue to rise for some time yet.

Maybe not a good time to buy at the moment but if you do have some gold sit on it.
15 July 2019, 17:05,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Even at £1,127 ….it's Under valued and cheap ! especially when the real break out comes (as predicted) by many and Silver will keep pace ….we live in uncertain , unpredictable and volatile times, tipping points are in sight on many fronts ,the bone dry tinder could ignite anywhere.....Gold , Silver ...any precious metals Will skyrocket as it always has …..a safe haven and REAL store of wealth over the last few millennia …...but I mean the real stuff you can hold in YOUR hands, if you can't do that , it amounts to nothing , bitcoin ? no thanks after the reset ? maybe …… when we are out buying tinned beans . pasta and rice some gold and silver coins is a very good prep for ANY prepper / survivalist IMHO sure you can't eat it … is pointed out every time this subject comes up ! ok there's a question of how to fund such a purchase set against what other preps that you could buy and may well be more important to you ! EASY just forget about ANY precious metals all together and stick to what You feel is right for YOU ……….if you are able GET SOME !
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
16 July 2019, 01:15,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
The main driver at this time is the fed's change in fiscal policy to cut interest rates. Trump's America first policy to increase exports and manufacturing needs a weaker dollar, and looks like the fed is finally caving in to the pressure. Trouble is to continue stimulating secondary industry they need cheaper oil and the Saudi's don't want to give it. In a weird twist of fate Russia is now siding with OPEC to keep the price high as it's economy would suffer more from less oil revenue, or is that the real reason behind it? Or maybe a two pronged tactic? Any further Iran tensions will also push the price higher.
25 July 2019, 21:20,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
In the greenhouse this morning sown some cabbage, turnips and lettuce , picking tomatoes and cucumbers. The pipe fittings for the aquaponics arrived yesterday , so all set ready to get the system up and running in the bottom polytunnel and I have enough for another system where the damson tree is. Been updating Ghb and Bobs along with emergency kits and repacking in new boxed containers …….its all coming along quietly …..the elderflowers have now turned into berries and will be turned into wine and remedies against colds and flu....blackberries will be ready to turn into jam,jelly and wine …...rosehips and crab apples will be plentiful by the looks ……..some ash and oak that's been down is now ready to turn into firewood ready for this winter (although there is already enough for this winter) so its the cycle of life for SS and it all starts over.....but its my favourite time of year ….enjoying the fruits of past labours and eating the finest veg you just can't buy.... fresh and crisp ...bursting with flavour ...surely there can ne nothing that can compare ….I live like a king ! …..picture this …….todays dinner......a plate full....runner beans , peas, broad beans , potatoes , carrots and French beans ...finished off with four rashers of home cured bacon …..butter and bacon fat dressed over the lot with some fresh ground black pepper sprinkled over the top ……...I think we will survive anything .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
19 August 2019, 12:24,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
I have not posted for a while as we have been away in the camper, and did not always have an internet connection.

As for our preps i think we’re pretty well where we need to be considering our circumstances, age, health etc, and our SHTF plans.

This does not mean we are not keeping up our stocks, we are still adding to them as and when we see good offers to buy.

We decided to list the essentials for when TSHTF and work from there.

SHELTER, our home is as secure as i can make it without turning it into a fortress. Where possible our preps are kept in crates, they stack, can be easily checked and moved quickly.

WATER, jerrycans and backup waterbutts, give us 150 gallons, a Berkeley filter, thin bleach, sterilising tablets and the requisites to make a slow sand filter.

FOOD, both canned and dry foods, enough for 4 or 5 months with care. We have a lot of salt for when the freezer dies. We have 3 raised beds for growing vegetables, fruit trees and bushes, and a stock of seeds.

HEAT/COOKING, enough coal to last a long winter, propane, charcoal and wood.

LIGHT, solar panel and leisure batteries food led lights, windup lanterns and candles.

COMMUNICATIONS, sw radio, cb radio and walkie talkies, rechargeable batteries and solar charger.

MEDICINE, the usual OTC general colds and flu remedies etc, and our prescription medication (high blood pressure, two months supply, could be extended by reducing dose, also stock, and grow garlic and hawthorne berries to supplement same). We also have some amoxicillin but need more. We also have plastic sheeting, aprons, masks and a large stock of disinfectant if we need to make a sick room.

FIRST AID, large stocks of sterile dressings, steri-strips, wound irrigation syringes, wound wash also hydrogen peroxide, detol and methylated spirit.

TOOLS, tools for home maintenance, car maintenance, gardening tools, and personal protection safety clothing items a must, to prevent any accidents.

EDC/GHB, now a day sac topped up with extras kept in daily runabout family car. The usual stuff carried.

BOB, due to age and circumstances we will not be moving into the woods or into the hills for years to come, this is a bag to move to friends or to a hotel for a few days.

BOV, if we do need to bug out it’s the camper, see thread PGs camper van.

These are currently our plans and preps, but could be changed if and when necessary.
Yesterday, 17:18,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
Introduced a new hive along with 25,000 bees last Wednesday (brand-new unit) the swarm and queen were free …….collecting another hive this coming Sunday along with sitting tenants …...when the landslide happened we had to move the original hive about seven miles away ( you cannot move a hive even twenty feet from their original placement on your ground ) … come Sunday we should be sorted (for now) honey wise clipped the queens wings so she wont't go clubbing , been busy doing all that this week prepping the stands for the hives , cleared some ground laid some new slabs …..looking goooood , made a bee box for some spare trays and smoker today ….job done and varnished up ……...….the garden is doing very good.....great cropping even though the weather is not as good as last year …..but more preparation has indeed paid off …..slugs and caterpillar's been running riot …..I tried beer in a bowl …..but they just got pissed and wanted to fight each other while listening to AC/DC highway to hell ...the bastards kept us awake till 5 am … I sorta introduced some table salt and a dressing of hydrogen peroxide to return to some sort of harmony and xen ……..anyone know what chut chut means in Spanish ? I do …….this Spanish guy walks up to me and says " if you don't give me your wallet I will fucking chut chut".
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
7 hours ago,
RE: What have done towards your prep?
That should be chu chu .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.

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