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Eating ones best friend?
15 February 2012, 21:08,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
(15 February 2012, 14:30)Scythe13 Wrote: I think that digging in the ground could unearth enough worms to make a reasonable meal, for you and Fido. Also, catch a load of bugs and flies.

I really think that looking at eating a dog is a gross underestimation of the abundance of 'odd' food sources available.

Whip up a load of dandilons, some worms (while digging a composting toilet) and some flowers, and you'll have a hearty meat and salad meal.

Anyway, I quite like our dog. Having said that, myself and AlyBear have spoken and decided if it came to it.....she would kill me if I killed the dog. But we both figure there is enough food around. Anyway, Jess has a habit of coming back to us with the odd rabbit, and the alike. Once she even brought us a deer leg! No joke! We didn't have a clue where she found it, but a dog that has those kind of skills......worth keeping.

that is terrible theres a poor deer walking around in circles in the woods poor thingSad
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
15 February 2012, 21:22,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
Of course if there was another food source I wouldn't eat my Dog, but if the ground and every thing in/on it was contaminated ? plan, plan and plan some more, no food = eat the Dog.
15 February 2012, 21:27,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
(15 February 2012, 21:22)Prep Girl Wrote: Of course if there was another food source I wouldn't eat my Dog, but if the ground and every thing in/on it was contaminated ? plan, plan and plan some more, no food = eat the Dog.

I'm with prep girl on this one.
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16 February 2012, 16:27,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
i dont think it will get to that extent, but you may have to eat the neighbours cat or dogBig Grin
16 February 2012, 16:47,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
Dont forget during shtf scenarios calorific intake would have to exponentialy increase. we need 2500 male and 2000 today as we lead a sedentary lifesyle.
your calorific needs post shtf would be greater as youd spend more time foraging, hunting, defending etc... so a few worms and dandilions would help but not be enough.
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3 April 2012, 17:03,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
The eating of ones 'Furry Friends' for me is wholly acceptable, whilst as a child I grew up on my grandfathers croft and sometimes 'adopted' lambs that were rejected by their mothers or that their mothers died etc. They were great to have around as 'pet' lambs, but come the day some of them ended up on our plate, it was just the way it had to be, no remorse or regrets. Also on several occasions (not in this country) I have eaten cat, dog, gerbil, horse, (well donkey) amongst other less 'appetizing' creatures, some out of necessity others out of politeness as they were served to me by my hosts and some because they happened to be on the menu. I do understand that as a 'nation' we are very much animal lovers, and I wholly accept this viewpoint it is great to have a 'furry friend' they provide so much love and ask so very little in return, many work very hard for their keep and as such have for me a higher value than most and so would end up on my plate later, rather than sooner. However, as I said, I have no problem in dinning on 'Fido' or 'Tiddles' or any other 'friend, furry or otherwise.
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3 April 2012, 17:10,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
there's a few people round here i'll put on the BBQ a long time before i think of putting any cat or dog on the fire, kills 2 birds with one stone if you like, gets rid of a nuisance and provides food as well.Tongue
3 April 2012, 22:23,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
I ate noisy neighbours 2.. lol
4 April 2012, 11:00,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
Living in way I'm eating anyone from there. They'd make me ill.
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4 April 2012, 11:50,
RE: Eating ones best friend?
During the snow yesterday, looked at the dog (westie), and thought - there isn't enough meat on you to be a burger.

But seeing the amounts of additives the supermarkets put in their meat, surely there isn't much difference between their cheap cuts and a chav (Neds up here)- also with the amount of alcohol they drink, many would be pre- marinated.
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