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31 July 2012, 22:17,
RE: Colony
In a real shtf I don't see travailing as a viable option Ned, I see pure 100% gridlock and no way could I make a journey on foot to a prearranged destination as you are all too far. I am lucky enough to have a lot of friends and most from as far back as childhood, arrangements are in place, but for short move then a bug in.
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31 July 2012, 23:16,
RE: Colony
Agreed WnC.

I think being mobile or at least quickly getting to your bug in/out location will be critical to surviving the first 9 days as they say.

I do not think a concentrated colony is a good idea , despite the argument for safety in numbers - one man with an automatic weapon can kill quite a lot of people single handedly....witness the guy on the swedish island uttoya.

And also - perhaps more importantly - the only people we should be helping are ourselves or the people we know and can trust.

Nail on head.
My thanks.
Trying very hard not to be paranoid.....and it aint getting easier.
11 September 2012, 00:13,
RE: Colony
Hi all,
I love the website, and am learning so much, and thanks to you good people realise that i am not
going mad by putting things aside for an uncertain future.

I like many of you live on an estate, and realise that if i think that i could bug in without trouble
coming to my door than i am fooling myself.Also like many of you i do not have anywhere safe to
bug out to before, or after, TSHTF. So can you imagine the excitement i got when i started reading
this thread, with many good points for and against a colony. Alas the thread went nowhere.

I ask nothing from nobody in my preps except for information to put me on the right track.
But i do see the the advantages of like minded people meeting up at a bugout location as support for
each other. The thread got boged down by the idea that any colony would get overthrown by gunmen
of one kind or another, maybe we would be ok,maybe not. but is it not a reason to dissmiss the idea.
For me wales is a good place for a bog off location, better than trying to survive on an estate.
Because of the extra hardships this will bring it makes sense for like minded people to
join together, does it not.

11 September 2012, 08:25,
RE: Colony
Bjm, It does but they need to be close to you now. You need to make friends with like minded people in your area. Depending on your estate there may be places that are suitable for a short term stay during the initial stages. Explore and move if you can.

The issue is that most of our concerns are around a collapse where the shops just stop stocking food. AT this point it seems the most likely threat. In reality the gov may come around and take everyone to a food camp or something. Nobody actually knows what will happen so make sure you don't prep for one thing only. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
11 September 2012, 09:35,
RE: Colony
Another point to consider SD / BJM is the make up of your collective, its easy to plan on living rough in the Welsh highlands, but you need to consider extended families and well as fit young men. You need to be able to care for your young and your elderly as well, so a basha made of twigs half way up pen y fan is a no goer.

11 September 2012, 19:39,
RE: Colony
i think we ALL need to think in terms of Height above sea level FIRST the rest of it will come later ( i think)
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
11 September 2012, 20:02,
RE: Colony
Why's that ?
You have the right to hold any beliefs you want. You do not have the right to have those beliefs automatically respected
11 September 2012, 20:13,
RE: Colony
Prolly cos of the increasing risk of severe localised flooding events, Events like Sheffield, Bostcastle etc are increasing in frequency and severity and of course we have the crazy habit of concreting over ever more chunks of flood plains thus increasing the risk of severe low land flooding as well.

11 September 2012, 20:43,
RE: Colony
Ah right, well you lot bugger off on top of a mountain somewhere and leave all the shellfish and Cod for me, sounds like a workable plan Smile

Seriously though, If you use your noggin then you can quite happily locate your commune or whatever on low lying or coastal areas, you just need to use the local geology and landscape to minimise the risk. There are pros and con's to both coastal and high ground, just got to go with what option best suits your skill sets and survival plans I suppose

You have the right to hold any beliefs you want. You do not have the right to have those beliefs automatically respected
11 September 2012, 20:48,
RE: Colony
I took the easy option and live on the fairly low ridgeline that seperates the tees and wear valleys, I'm only 15 minutes from the sea or either river basin but still high enough up to have an almost zero risk of being flooded out.


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