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11 September 2012, 21:20,
RE: Colony
its not as clear cut as your sea level, you gotta take into account the water table, major areas of drainage, types of vegetation and how they impact ground permeability and groundwater runoff, not to mention how "urbanised" an area is and any artificial draining, theres so many variables in where could be flooded!

just do your research on a particular area, which if thinking of using it as a prospective prepper BOL you would anyway, and you'll be fine Smile
11 September 2012, 21:49,
RE: Colony
I dont like the idea of being taken to a goverment food camp or similar, where they can control us.
(this makes the idea of a basha made of twigs half way up pen y fan sound more apealing)
There must be a plan already made up for all the situations discussed here by the goverment. I dont
imagine it involves looking after the populus to well, more likely just control them. But i do think that
they will have a saftey net for them selves. I wonder if there are any ex-military or police that may let
us know what actions they are to take when the shtf? It would be interesting to know how long they are preped
for,and there intentions afterwards. I dont think for one miniute that they will just let us live our lives say
one year on.
It has been suggested the forces that be will just dissapear, seeking survival, but better armed. This may be the case
But I tend to think they will be better orginanised than this.

I agree with what you say, friendships should be made now, but it seems that people have problems with there own comitments and are
not able to make meetings. (which i can understand)

11 September 2012, 22:12,
RE: Colony
When I was in the army most of us agreed if WW3 broke out whilst we were posted to UKLF rather than BAOR we would desert.
The government does indeed have plans its called the Emergency Powers act and War Laws, again during the cold war it became apparent that huge chunks of the UK would be passed over to American military juristiction.

One of the best all time bits of research done into the UKs crisis management plans was covered in War Plan UK by Duncan Campbell

Other articles done by NEW STATESMAN and NEW SCIENTIST revealed that the UK even back then when the forces were five times the size they are today the government intended using TRAFFIC wardens as on street armed security officers.

We also used to have a civil defence force and huge strategic reserves of food and fuel to keep the nation going and the man power to protect the supplies, transport and distribute them.

Now we have a fraction of the uniformed personel and equally now more than ever the uniformed services hate the government.

My role as an RMP reservist was to secure huige stretches of the road network for military transport use, still cannot fathom out how 40 blokes could control 200 milies od A roads and Motorways.

11 September 2012, 22:25,
RE: Colony
i know that in dorchester not too far from me, there is a huge nuclear bunker underneath the town library that not very many people know about, its full of sa-80's ammo, food supplies they certainly do have their contigencies and prepared locations that will be either unknown or not very well known for their "essential" personnel Tongue....i dont think its a massive leap to assume there are many more locations like this around the country in or near major population centres Smile

as for traffic wardens with guns, dear that is a shocking thought, they are power crazy enough as is, imagine one with a frickin assault rifle o.O

great tips NR, ill have a look through my hundreds of issues of new scientist and see what i can find Smile (got all of them from the last 6 years, plus a bunch of assorted ones from the years before)

and BJM, your on this website, so your already on your way to making those friends and connections Smile
12 September 2012, 21:49,
RE: Colony
with my ref to height above sea level , check out youtube on pole shift there are loads of stuff, but to build up a true picture for yourself you need to do a fair bit of research. Wales will drop in elevation in the west approx 150 feet followed by a increase in sea level 450 feet
nr get yourself a boat , i,ll give you a wave and through you a line as you sail by. We all started to prep for a reason ( we all just know we have to do it ! ) but ...... i try to cover all the bases otherwise what would be the point , check it out for yourself don,t take my word
its all there for you to see. regards to you all
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
12 September 2012, 21:57,
RE: Colony
Dont need a boat I've got a BOL up near Alston 600 ft above sea level

12 September 2012, 22:06,
RE: Colony
ok then nr i am 526 ft above at moment you give me a wave and throw me the line i might well be passing you by
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
12 September 2012, 22:13, (This post was last modified: 12 September 2012, 22:14 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: Colony
Just checked this house is at 397 ft and 14 miles inland so the current spot though lower than you is still much safer than most of the south of england Smile.
We should tie a line tween both houses just in case Smile

12 September 2012, 22:26, (This post was last modified: 12 September 2012, 22:32 by Straight Shooter.)
RE: Colony
good idea nr got some pulleys sorted but we need 2 ropes . 750 feet min 30 miles inland the higher the elevation = less distance , looking at a place 1300ft this sat, if you are in a river valley this is not good avoid at all costs. east of england eg london 25ft to 45ft rise in sea level approx ( hope cameron can swim good )
nr just had thought got some spare code 4 lead in my shed do you think i should make cameron some water arm bands to speed him up a bit ?
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
12 September 2012, 22:56,
RE: Colony
I have just checked to see how high above sea ground Manchester is, If I have done it right we are only 115-138 feet, Best get my arm bands ready Smile

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