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16 March 2017, 16:59,
RE: Survivors
Is he gone yet?
16 March 2017, 17:03,
RE: Survivors
(15 March 2017, 22:53)harrypalmer Wrote:
(14 March 2017, 08:54)bigpaul Wrote: maybe it was a mistake for me to return, I see the same attitudes prevail. i'll stick to my own prepper forum in future. goodbye.

Which forum is that? Can't wait to read the pearls of wisdom there, feel free to share details Paul.

Anyone here know the site?

Sailing away, not close to the wind.Heart
16 March 2017, 17:22,
RE: Survivors
Now I realize why you Brits change your screen names for each new forum registration!
4 June 2017, 02:11,
RE: Survivors
I finally received the 1975-76 BBC "Survivors" series on DVD from across the pond, and have been watching it.

Considering its age, while not perfect, it is good entertainment and brings up many useful points. I won't comment further until I have viewed the entire series, but suffice to say it is much better than most of what passes for television drama on the US networks these days.

I like their manure digestor to produce methane to run the farm tractor. When I worked at our County landfill be had over 100 miles of collection tube and a plant designed to capture and liquify the landfill gas so that we could use it to power our trash trucks, dozers, loaders, etc. While some modifications need to be made to the diesel engines we did so with both Cummins and Volvo engines and ran a variety of equipment with it including over-the-road tractor-trailers!

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
4 June 2017, 20:43,
RE: Survivors
CH hope you enjoy them,as with most series,some episodes are better than others.
You will notice that a few episodes contradict others,this is due I believe to the different writers not knowing the full scripts of each episode.

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