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EDC pants / trousers
6 July 2012, 18:12,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
(6 July 2012, 18:08)NorthernRaider Wrote:
(6 July 2012, 17:56)Paul Wrote: Don't you find when jeans get wet they never seem to dry out and lose all insulation?
Wind and wet denim is definitely a health hazard.

Wear a nappy or dont get so drunk then ? Smile

Tee Hee, good one!

6 July 2012, 22:58,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
I am looking more towards workwear now. Some of it is very tough and well made and has reinforcing points where needed. Far beyond what any military spec would be. It is also fairly unobtrusive and with the two tone style a lot are now, it actually breaks up the pattern and effectively for an urban environment too. It is a style of clothing that suggests workman, which is no bad thing for traversing populated areas and possibly being in different surroundings. All you need now is a toolbox for your kit and a hammer, screwdriver & knife on your workbelt/pouch combo. lol...
7 July 2012, 07:48,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
Anyone tried these
Failure is NOT an option
7 July 2012, 18:35,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
I wrote this in another thread about 'work wear', hope it helps Smile

I like Regatta J170 Action Trousers /work trousers, I like them because they have 9 pockets, 7 which zip up including 2 large 'secret' pockets at the sides and 1 leg pocket, cargo style. They can be found on Ebay for a snip, Mine usually cost no more than £5 plus p&p and come in various colours. They are cheap because Regatta size these trousers a size bigger than they fit! Hence there are always quite a few pairs up for grabs on Ebay.

Word of warning though, if you get the waist to fit, Simon Cowell style, then you may find the legs enormous!!!

I make some easy alterations to mine which I buy 1 or 2 sizes too large and drop the waist and narrow the legs! I'd definitely recommend them to others as they are very hard wearing! All the pockets come in handy, tactical trousers but not in your face! If you have a sewing machine the alterations are quick and easy to do!
7 July 2012, 19:45,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
I have had regatta utility/cargo trousers in the past and after wearing them hard for work, I found the stitching did not hold and the zips would sometimes give up. I have not seen any regatta stuff that is made out of heavy weight materials like Heavy cordura yet.. The B&Q own brand stuff did ok but still not long lasting enough without repairs. I know others who buy the dICKIES ITEMS AND THEY ALL SAY THEY ARE GOOD. i HAD A PAIR OF "sNICKERS" TROUSERS MANY YEARS AGO AND THEY WERE BOMB PROOF, THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THE PRICE.(excuse caps) I was looking at some French brand workwear trousers yesterday in the store called "The Range". The material & construction quality was v.good, but I realised in time that there were no cargo pockets except some slanted small useless things and the normal hip pockets were very shallow and anything put in there was likely to come out again. I was surprised that simple design issues like this were evident and it points to a long far eastern factory supply line in my estimation. Mostly good design but simple major flaws that let it down.[/i]
8 July 2012, 06:03,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
I buy Dickies boots for hill walking. Thay have never let me down. I've had a jacket as well but I have worn that out. I buy most of my clothing locally from a Farm Shop, as it is very hard wearing. Kenneth Eames.
19 August 2012, 19:57,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
Jeans. Workwise I realy like click trousers, cost me twenty quid and have lasted three years
19 August 2012, 20:03,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
I used to rely completely on jeans at one point but as the years have gone by and the amount of EDC gear I carry increased I now only wear cargos.

20 August 2012, 18:34,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
i dont carry much in my jeans or my camo trousers, weight drags them down too much, i either carry it in a pouch on my belt or in a shoulder bag or rucksack.
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20 August 2012, 19:58,
RE: EDC pants / trousers
Ohh, I was eyeing up the trousers the electrician bloke at work wears. They looked good. They were the snickers brand mentioned earlier. I will take a peek at the price...

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