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Tesco Value thin Bleach
19 November 2011, 16:35,
RE: Tesco Value thin Bleach
I,m used to it in our tap water ;-/
Watch your six
19 November 2011, 20:22,
RE: Tesco Value thin Bleach
you have bleach in your tap water??
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.
20 November 2011, 18:27,
RE: Tesco Value thin Bleach
Smells like it ,fill glass water up ,put it in the fridge for a few hours,same time fill another glass water up or cup and leave it go to room temp.
Do a taste test in few hours ,its not bad when its cold or has ice cubes ,Try the one at room temp
Watch your six
26 November 2011, 15:57,
RE: Tesco Value thin Bleach
When I rise at 5 o'clock in the morning the water tastes awful, a typical bleach smell. I need to let it run for a full quarter of an hour before I can use it. It's horrible otherwise. When I draw it for use I then run it through a carbon filter before I use it for drinking. Kenneth Eames.

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