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Dog Walk Find (Squeamish Content Warning)
13 August 2012, 10:03,
RE: Dog Walk Find (Squeamish Content Warning)
(13 August 2012, 09:54)Tigs Wrote: your right its not worth the time , all you get from plod is we will look into it!!! and they never do ! i find that blasting a shot gun off scares the crap out of any little nob head killing for the fun off it !! not that i would do such a thing!!!

i bloody would if i found some kids doing that on my land! healthy dose of fear Big dad got shot at by farmers when he was younger (admittedly he was doing some geological studies without permission, but he werent doin no harm!) didnt touch him, just made him run like a bastard, and he didnt go back for a day or 2 xD

13 August 2012, 12:25,
Wink  RE: Dog Walk Find (Squeamish Content Warning)
Angeli could never do such a thing Tongue

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