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Olympics finished Yippee!
14 August 2012, 11:22,
RE: Olympics finished Yippee!
(14 August 2012, 10:54)bigpaul Wrote: i'm glad the olympics is over, maybe now we can have some REAL news on for a change.

thats why i use the internets for my news, just get the news i want and non of the other crap i dont care about, war is news, lady gaga is not (even if she is a freaky mutant)
14 August 2012, 12:38,
RE: Olympics finished Yippee!
(14 August 2012, 08:32)NorthernRaider Wrote: £9 Billion plus wasted on a two week sporting event whilst across much of the UK people are reliant on food banks, what a bloody waste of money.

i agree 9 billion, that sum could have been put to good use the nhs jobs etc not squandered .
14 August 2012, 12:45,
RE: Olympics finished Yippee!
thank fuck for thatBig Grin
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!

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