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Underlay, underly...areeba!!!!
24 August 2012, 19:01,
Underlay, underly...areeba!!!!
I suffer really bad in the winter with cold feet, I had some spare spongy underlay from when my carpets were laid...I cut around my boots for a template and then cut around the underlay...RESULT Smile Lovely warm feet Smile
24 August 2012, 19:07,
RE: Underlay, underly...areeba!!!!
hah what an odd way of keeping your feet warm XD makes sense tho! and sounds cheap Big Grin

cheers prepadaySmile
25 August 2012, 06:26,
RE: Underlay, underly...areeba!!!!
heres an old trick , wash your feet in very cold water dry them then put on thick socks and wrap them in a blanket / get into bed or a sleeping bag and within seconds your feet will be toasty !

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