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Encrypted articles or posts
24 August 2012, 22:08,
Encrypted articles or posts
Some of the chaps I know from other places have started only doing prepping articles that are encrypted so that they can only be read by people they want to have access to the info and articles they create.

I believe it stems from some preppers using multiple forums taking authors articles and reposting them or sharing them with people outside the group, home forum or mailing list. Generally that is not an issue cos most prepper authors are content to share info freely and willingly with other preppers, but issues are slowly arising.

Eg people DEMANDING articles be created and posted on subject THEY want information about, IE using the main prepper authors like servants.

Also people not bothering to do any research themselves just blasting off demands on the forums or by PM for information.

Equally some writers spend huge amounts of time producing articles, reviews or guides only to find them appearing on forums they do not subscribe to or approve of.

And on occasion plagerism has seen authors works copied, slightly altered and used on other forums with other people trying to charge for that info !!!

I dont know anything about PGP and other encryption systems and I suspect I would not like them anyway, and I'll wager our host SD is totally against constraints on sharing information, but I would be keen to get other peoples viewpoint on encryption or the alternative of only sharing new articles among selected and respected fellow preppers.

As things stand I am already posting less and less on open forums and focusing more on info exhanges directly with other preppers who do research and writing in their own right.

24 August 2012, 22:42,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
pgp encryption is easy enough to use, with it xD

so what you could do is encrypt the article post it, then people who want to decrypt it have to pm you for your pgp public key which they can use to decrypt your encrypted articles

heres an example of an encrypted email

[Image: pgp.jpg]

its a very secure method of encryption ^^

so if encryption is a road your interested in i'd recommend pgp or gpg.

but i think this post certainly reflects a valid point, as much as open exchange of information is a great thing, when others steal articles and claim credit its just becomes tiresome, rather add an extra layer of qualification than see a good poster stop posting!

alternately there could be a "sub-forum" only for those that are deemed as good posters/dedicated preppers, that isnt even viewable without proper permissions, just an idea though Tongue

there are other advantages to encryption as well, but i shant mention them, merely infer them Wink
24 August 2012, 23:14,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
I'm not sure how to use pgp, or gpg. What do you do with the public key once you have it?
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Isaiah 5:8
24 August 2012, 23:43, (This post was last modified: 24 August 2012, 23:57 by Hrusai.)
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
ill gather some documentation about it for you, will compile it as a guide to using pgp Big Grin
i think this link explains it very nicely! and should answer all questions about encryption ^^

and its also a good place to download necessary information
25 August 2012, 07:49,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
(24 August 2012, 22:08)NorthernRaider Wrote: ............but I would be keen to get other peoples viewpoint on encryption or the alternative of only sharing new articles among selected and respected fellow preppers.

From a new members pov imo that would make this place the same as all the others, ie, hidden areas, an inner circle, shite posts and waffle just so a new member can reach the magic number of posts to access the Private parts of the forums and the like

Dont get me wrong, I can understand why people get pissed off with doing all the work and others just sitting back and taking all the time, but that happens in all forums. I have been a member of a few sites in the past and there are always just a few hardcore members who do the work and hundreds of others who benefit from the work but hardly contribute other than to say "thanks" or "great post", but that is the nature of online forums and will never change

As I have mentioned before, the openess of this forum combined with the lack of moderation and petty rules is the reason I joined, if it went the other way with elites and crap like that then I would probably just drift off into the world of email groups again, but as i'm one of those who hasn't contributed much to the forum in the couple of weeks i have been here I doubt it would be much of a loss to the forum anyway Smile

You have the right to hold any beliefs you want. You do not have the right to have those beliefs automatically respected
25 August 2012, 08:05,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
IB1 has a very important point here, in fact i'd go so far as to say that if theres any argument against using encryption, then that is it!

gotta keep this place true to what it is, which is a free, open and friendly source of information, community and various other things for everyone and anyone (other than trolls and internet faggots xD)
25 August 2012, 08:46,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
the whole point of a site like this for me is the sharing of information , so we can be prepared and to build a strong network we can rely on weather thats after tshtf are more importantly before it does, i can understand reasons why some would want to use encryption on certain things such as arranging meet ups for one ( giving directions and that such like) but for me this site is just about right as it is !

i have been on other sites were right click/copy has been disabled that stops a lot if not all reposting of articles
25 August 2012, 12:34,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
Most of what we discuss here is open source anyway so why bother trying to hide it?
Besides if you tell what you know, open it up for discussion, you'll learn more.

25 August 2012, 19:51,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
My stake in the ground.

I use encryption myself but only for securing data. I won't be encrypting any thing on this site and I don't want anyone else doing it either. If you feel you want to limit something you have written then send it to your people directly. If you didn't write it yourself then stand back and take a look at what you are doing then feel guilty and post it.

Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
25 August 2012, 22:25,
RE: Encrypted articles or posts
sounds like case closed to me ^^

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