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25 August 2012, 13:54,
I've recently been looking into medicine and medical issues post shtf and found this article on how penicillin could be made obviously as penicillin is a prescription drug this is for information purposes only

25 August 2012, 17:15,
RE: Penicillin
i thought that was what the mould on cheese is??
25 August 2012, 17:57, (This post was last modified: 25 August 2012, 18:02 by Ukprepper88.)
RE: Penicillin
I just done a quick bit of research and they are different strains the one used in Stilton is penicillium roqueforti, camembert and Brie are either penicillium camemberti or penicillium candidum and the one used for penicillin is penicillium chrysogenum (previously known as penicillium notatum) and there are other strains that are used in rouquefort and gorgonzola cheeses and there's also a species which presents a threat of systematic infection in AIDS patients in Asia one used for innocuoations in cattle among others but as I'm extreamly new to learning about medicine I can't really go into much detail but I find it really intresting how medicines are made so if you have any other question I'll happily research them as its something that has intrested me for a while and I plan on doing alot more research on the subject too... So it'll be a steep learning curve for me Big Grin
That being said I think you'd need to process them as I'm extreamly allergic to penicillin (laid up in bed for weeks when I was given penicillin) and I'm fine eating Stilton... Which is great cos its one of my favorites... Now does that count as an extream sport I wonder Big Grin
25 August 2012, 21:30,
RE: Penicillin
I believe the dust that comes out of those brown puff ball fungus are a type of penicillin.

25 August 2012, 22:02,
RE: Penicillin
I think the dust is the mushroom spores but I don't know whether they contain penicillium as well

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