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Hi from South Yorkshire
7 October 2012, 13:17,
RE: Hi from South Yorkshire
Welcome Fenman, I'm a newbie too.
A bog trotter from South yorkshire/ North Lincolnshire my old stamping groundBig Grin
7 October 2012, 19:04,
RE: Hi from South Yorkshire
hi fenman, welcome to the site. this place is the place to be. i hope you find it as use full as i have.
he never planned to fail, he just failed to plan. like lambs to the slaughter the wolfs look down from the hill tops. we are those wolfs!!!
7 October 2012, 19:22, (This post was last modified: 7 October 2012, 19:24 by Fenman.)
RE: Hi from South Yorkshire
Thanks for the welcomes chapsBig Grin

Scythe13- I started looking into survival/prepping back in the late 80's, do you remember the mag Survival Weaponry and Techniques?,it was this that set me off. i have been through the label waving bushcraft phase,now i am building up my skill set, metal/woodworking and basic electronics/radio at the minute.I have also spent a lot of time building up knowledge of my area, bug out sites ,resources etc.
I have worked in construction/CNC machining and now horticulture.So at least i can build stuff and grow food.My main worry/prepping area is breakdown of society,civil unrest. I always carry GHB , multitool ,radio.
If you need to know anything else, PM me and i will tell you what i can.

T-oddity, bog trotter Big Grin luv it.
Cheers Wildman Smile it does seem like a good site/forum.
8 October 2012, 13:18,
RE: Hi from South Yorkshire
welcome from dorset Smile

enjoy your stay here Big Grin
9 October 2012, 21:33,
RE: Hi from South Yorkshire
Thank you Hrusai Smile

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