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20 October 2012, 18:17,
RE: newbie
Ello m8
he never planned to fail, he just failed to plan. like lambs to the slaughter the wolfs look down from the hill tops. we are those wolfs!!!
20 October 2012, 19:12,
RE: newbie
Big Grin Aye aye `n` ahoy from South Devon Matey. Shy
Dodgy If you always have, on your person, at least 2 ways to make fire, you might be a prepper. Tongue
21 October 2012, 15:03,
RE: newbie
hello and welcome from norfolkSmile
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
21 October 2012, 23:03,
RE: newbie
hi, welcome from chester
21 October 2012, 23:19,
RE: newbie
Welcome from the North East.
22 October 2012, 13:45,
RE: newbie
Belated welcome from the western reaches of the UK (Northern Ireland)!
22 October 2012, 19:03,
RE: newbie
hello hello , would anyone be intersted in a meet in the middle of the country ,I work on a 12 acre site with river access , with woodlands and cannock chase (hint hint ) on the doorstep , share some ideas ,
Im not promising but depending on the response I can ask if we can use the site , there would be a £10.00 camping fee for the weekend ,


nenook Smile
when being chased by a hungry lion , you don't have to be the fastest runner, you just have to run faster than the bloke next to you !Smile

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