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Dog out bag
25 October 2012, 14:32,
RE: Dog out bag
(25 October 2012, 14:23)Metroyeti Wrote: Picci is a new one for me.

Tis for me as well I just made it up cos i could not be arsed to type of Prepper Wikkipedia Smile

25 October 2012, 14:36,
RE: Dog out bag
Sounds like a new designer dog breed,labradoodle is so last year
25 October 2012, 14:40,
RE: Dog out bag
Prepperdoodle ? a dog that never gets lost, carries its own kit etc HATES CATS Smile and has to be fed a forum moderator a week to surviveSmile

25 October 2012, 20:33,
RE: Dog out bag
Well i think im definitly gonna have to get the pooch a one of these!!!
29 November 2012, 21:53,
RE: Dog out bag
(25 October 2012, 12:11)Metroyeti Wrote: Got started on making a bob for my dog, not leaving him behind when I bug out.

The contents so far

Spare collar and lead
Food and water bowl
Water bottle
2 toys
Life jacket
Flea collar,flea drops and wormers.
Anti bacterial creame and powder
Dry food

, Marcie
, Paradox
, Smudge
Copied this from another forum I post on, didnt dellete the people from the bottom oops

Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning wounds.
Space Blanket.
Tick Remover.
And this sign around your dogs neck:- '제발 내 강아지를 먹지 않습니다' It's Korean and it reads 'Please do not eat my dog'!Big Grin
29 November 2012, 23:55,
RE: Dog out bag
Already do that everytime we go for a days hike in the hills,.. I have 3 German Sheperds, and they all have them

[Image: Image1-1.jpg]
A major part of survival is invisibility.
30 November 2012, 11:17,
RE: Dog out bag
That's a great looking Shepherd Highlander, nice bags too!
30 November 2012, 14:56,
RE: Dog out bag
Dog packs is...or was a bad subject for me,..I have gone through so many I have lost count,.. not of the ones you can buy are any good for more than a few weeks,.. they either rip of the stiching rots.

So,.. I made my own, each dogs pack is the same,.. I got two reasonble sized army pouches from Ebay,..and a military belt [ web belt ] and spent an hour making them,... these have lasted me almost two years
....and thanks for the compliment,..I will tell

[Image: BACKPACK2.jpg]
[Image: JazBP2.jpg]
A major part of survival is invisibility.
30 November 2012, 16:49,
RE: Dog out bag
The shop ones look cheap and nasty, but there not cheap price wise. Like the ones you made
30 November 2012, 20:53,
RE: Dog out bag
Hi Highlander,
I think I'll have a go at making a set for my Labs. Good idea using the Army bags.

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