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Scythe13 Reply: Lest we forget!
12 November 2012, 09:53, (This post was last modified: 12 November 2012, 10:11 by Scythe13.)
Scythe13 Reply: Lest we forget!

Just a quick heads up that although 3 people complained about what I said, I believe this will cause more complaints. Read it all, because many of you have sickened me!

Take note, I did not say EVERY F**KING YEAR a bad way. I meant it as in, it MUST BE DONE EVERY F**KING YEAR!!! Because I'm so passionate about it!

To everyone that has taken that the wrong way, you insult me far beyond what you believe!!!

Both my grandfathers fought in the Second world war, and one in the first. They lost many friends, and both have passed away now. I cry every time it comes round to 11/11.

Yesterday, I made my wife pull over to an outdoor rememberance service so that we could join the people there. There were 2 veterans who were in the war, and I demanded that we be there in the 2 minute silence to show our support, because I believe that my generation is forgetting what happened.

I have a 2 minute silence before I vote, to remember the sacrifice everyone made in both wars, just for us to have that freedom. And often, I even cry then as well.

Honestly, for those of you that are hating on me because YOU MISINTERPRETED what I've said........I'm sorry, but if you're not passionate enough to say, WE NEED TO DO A 2 MINUTE SILENCE EVERY F**CKING YEAR!!!!!! Then I'm sorry, but you're the ones that are sick. Not just because you've jumped to conclusion, not just because you've forgotten how patriotic I am, not because you've forgotten everything you know about me, not just because you didn't notice I "THANKED" Brixham and Tig's posts VERY EARLY ON (before any of YOU haters actually), but because you've not recognised someone so overwhelmingly passionate about what others have done for this country.

I don't have time to name and shame those that have been so busy jumping to conclusion that they've forgotten my character, my passion, and my love for this country.

But for everyone misunderstanding what I've read. Go back and read it again as someone that is wholehearted determined to have that sacrifice given, as being remembered and appreciated!

Next time you vote, have a 2 minute silence like I do. That's a part of truly remembering what those people have done for us!

Reread it and figure this out. Is a 2 minute silence 'required'? No. But for me, it is required every year to recognise what they did!!!!!!!!! It should be required for every person in the free world to have a 2 minute silence on the 11th of Nov EVERY F**KING YEAR!!!! AND before they vote!!!

Oh, and thanks for being so busy jumping to conclusions and complaining to SD (yes he pulled me up fairly and said "Explain what you meant, because it's coming across the wrong way") that you didn't even PM me and ask what I meant.

Honestly, I'm sickened by many of you, and WTSHTF, don't come my way. Well done for being less passionate about 11/11 than I am.

Oh, and a genuine thanks to those people that PMed me to let me explain....all ONE of you!!! And thanks to those who stood my corner.

Everyone else, I'd like an apology, or you can go and get bent!!!!
A genuine thank you to all those who did have my corner and recognised that either the post was misunderstood and was passionately recognising the 11/11 sacrifice, or they recognised that if it was meant negatively, that it certainly wasn't me saying such things!!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that see me as being the way that I am.
Oh, and one more thing to the hates, considering I'm the ONLY person that gives threads a rating from 1-5 stars (I make sure each introduce me has 5 stars, for example...yeah, go check that out, this one has 5 stars :p ) why not go and check BB's original Lest We Forget, post and see if it has 5 stars.

Damn right, I recognise that as being 5 star subject matter!!!
Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism - Thomas Jefferson
Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither - Benjamin Franklin

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