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The Best Tinder
3 April 2013, 19:33,
Big Grin  RE: The Best Tinder
Go with the Silver birch, use it daily to light wood stove, find it better than even commerial fire lighters. just unroll it of my logs before I throw them in the burn that way I've always got a good dry stack!.
3 April 2013, 19:35,
RE: The Best Tinder
luckily im surrounded by silver birch within a 10 min walk of my bugout.

but its always handy to have an alternative.
I might have to move.
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3 April 2013, 19:56,
RE: The Best Tinder
(3 April 2013, 19:27)Luci_ferson Wrote: hope they were nothing to do with your previous experiments lol

be interesting to hear your results .

The results are almost always good, I always carry a little paper as the heat spot works better on newspaper... I have always kept the glasses from old or broken binoculars etc, so providing I have sunlight, then they work fine,.. lol, no the wild fires have nothing to do with me

....and always have some wire wool in the fire container I carry and of course a fire striker

For tinder, another thing I use is what we call `cotton grass` it grows wild on the hills here
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4 April 2013, 01:04,
RE: The Best Tinder
might not b tinder but one i'm liking is to melt a candle then get cotton wool balls and dip them in the wax. when there hard all u need to do is scratch the surface and pull out a small amount of cotton as a wick, light, balance and u have a slow burning "cotton ball candle" lol. you can also put a small amount of petro jelly in the centre so it burns for longer.
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