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More shipping container homes to drool over
25 November 2012, 08:55,
RE: More shipping container homes to drool over
Quite like these ones NR.

Not as sexy as the last lot you showed us, but there are some nice ideas on there.
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25 November 2012, 10:51,
RE: More shipping container homes to drool over
Club I go to has one hidden in the woods. Does not leak, the floors in them are really thick ply, last one they had got mice in so must have had a hole some where. First one was lined with scrap timber, was bloody cold in there when it was cold, not so bad in the warm as it is surrounded by trees.

New one was used as a site office and had been insulated as lined with hardboard, holds any heat well.

If I was to get one and it was to be used as a shelter, I would insulate, line it and put a woodburner in it. You could set one up so two-five people could be very cosy in one putting kitchen and bunks in. If you could get an old shower and toilet unit out of a caravan and could plumb to get rid of waste, even better.
25 November 2012, 22:48,
RE: More shipping container homes to drool over
great BDG but stick it underground wih 6ft of earth on top....there i go dreaming again. i need 3 of the buggers
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25 November 2012, 23:19,
RE: More shipping container homes to drool over
They would not work buried, weight of soil from sides would crush them or push them out of the ground and weight from above would crush them unless you only had a little cover over it.

Now, if you dug the hole larger, cast a slab in it and built retaining walls inside the hole - you might has well have dug a bunker in the first place. I could see some one getting away with putting a slab in, putting the container in, lining around it with reinforcing mesh then pouring 1-2 foot at a time, that could work.

Seriously, the one I know in the woods, it took me a good while to spot the thing on google earth zoomed right in, and I know where it is. Load of cammo mesh on top of it and it would be invisible from the air and the only way you would find it is by walking into it or bumping into people coming and going from it.

Moral of the story - if you are going to buy some land, buy woodland.

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