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The naughty tesco post got me exploring.
8 December 2012, 22:20,
RE: The naughty tesco post got me exploring.
(8 December 2012, 21:04)Highlander Wrote: I am up in Argyll, about 50 miles west of Fort William,... Jacobite country
Aye a tad far pity thoughSad
6 June 2016, 21:18,
RE: The naughty tesco post got me exploring.
Do you happen to be aware of an actual Quorn product that can be purchased in a freeze dried form? (it would save on weight and refrigeration)



(6 December 2012, 18:32)Geordie_Rob Wrote: Following on from the recent naughty tesco post regarding same products for way cheaper in different packaging & different sections of the store, I decided to go exploring in my local store.

I came across a 375g bag of dried soya mince. In my eyes it's basically freeze dried quorn type mince.

I don't know if their are many veggies on here (I'm certainly not) or, if like my mrs, doesn't like beef mince but at just over a quid a bag (think it was £1.40 or something) I thought I would give it a go.

When soaked it really bulks up & will easily last a few meals. Only downside is BB date of July next year. Well that & it's got no cow parts in it Smile

Most importantly though, I was able to make what was (in my eyes) a good, tasty meal that was very filling.

I used it to make a cheap, crude attempt at spag bol.

Tin of chopped toms - 30p or so
Onion - about 10p
Couple of carrots - about 15p
Stock cubes - pennies each
Tomato purée - 40p
A handful of soya mince - about 30p
Spaghetti - about 20p (didn't use a full pack)

For £1.50 or so, there was easily enough to feed 4 of us & the dog ate her share of leftovers aswell. It normally wouldve cost us that for the jar of sauce alone.

If anyone is like me and prepping on a budget (I suspect most, if not all of us) then I would recommend giving this soya mince a go if there is a tesco near you.

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