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Salting Butter to Preserve it
7 January 2013, 06:18,
RE: Salting Butter to Preserve it
Barneyboy, I am pleased that you found this. For many years the generation of electricity in Ireland was accomplished by the use of Peat. Most of this peat was taken from the Irish Midlands and this resulted in many finds of Bog Butter. The lack of air and the cool moist conditions in the Bog were the reason for the Bog Butter preservation. If we can replicate those conditions then our butter can last for centuries. Much of the Bog Butter was buried in Ireland in the Middle Ages and before. Or, so Ive read in books. Kenneth Eames.
8 May 2013, 12:30,
RE: Salting Butter to Preserve it
(5 January 2013, 17:00)Straight Shooter Wrote: The funny thing is , i was looking at the cheese post....wifey been asking to have a look if i could see how cheese and butter can be stored the other day...and here they are! 2 great posts both practical and very useful..and great for new and old preppers, like highlander i save to favorits ,then write them out into my little pocket sized book.....MORE posts like these please kenneth.....this is what its all about.....many thanks!

Hi SS, I watched a programme of canning butter.. buy butter, cook it for 20 mins, heat Kilner jars in oven at 250 degrees, pour butter in leaving an inch of space at top, shake then fridge taking out every 5 mins to shake until it hardens. These jars can apparantely be kept in a cool dry place for 5 years. Best to use unsalted butter. Alternatively, you can buy tinned butter in Thai supermarkets and online. They also do tinned breadHuh
Cheese.. melt wax in a double pan, or pan of boiling water with bowl on top, Place wax in bowl, melt, dip cheese into wax coating over half of the cheese, remove and stand up till wax hardens. Dip the other half in the wax and leave to harden. Tip, buy quality cheese and it will keep fresh for a long time. Something I just found out was that Laughing Cow cheese triangles full fat ones, can keep without being fridged.

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