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Extras for dentistry
10 January 2013, 13:28,
Extras for dentistry
Seen this on another site, thought it might be helpful

I asked a dentist about this and he said that you could use a cotton ball (or presumably some equivalent) to thoroughly dry the tooth and fill the hole with super glue. Yes, that's right, superglue. He said you had to be careful, of course, not to swallow it and make sure your mouth stayed dry (fill areas around tooth with cotton balls). He said this would hold for no longer than one week but could be used in an emergency.

There are also some herbal helps for dental problems:

Balsam of Peru treats dry socket
Witch hazel decreases inflammation and irritation (the plant, not the astringent you buy at the store)
Allspice is an analgesic for tooth pain
Cloves is for toothache
Yarrow slows plaque formation and decreases gingivitis
Chitosin treats peridontits
Peppermint for a mouthwash
Bloodroot for antiplaque
Cranberry for peridontal disease
Guggul for gingivitis, pyorrhea, mouth ulcers
Elderberry or anise for toothaches
Castor for abscesses (not recommended unless you're an herbalist and know what you're dealing with)
Chaparral used as a mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay
Mallow for babies teething pain
Marigold decreases swelling of oral, pharyngeal mucosa
Caroline thistle for toothaches
Jamaican dogwood for dental pain
Celandine for toothaches, tooth extractions
Karaya gum can be used as a denture adhesive
Gotu Kola for peridontal disease

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