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US to increase cyber security massively
28 January 2013, 21:14,
US to increase cyber security massively
I'll hazard a guess that they are just as worried about investigators and hackers from the ANONYMOUS group and WIKILEAKS supporters as much as they are about Iranian or Chinese hackers.

28 January 2013, 21:15,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
they are always suspicious.
They own 75% of the worlds CCTV.

too typical if you ask me.
question everything or believe anything
28 January 2013, 21:20,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
I am sure that there is nothing new here, I wager they have been putting vast amounts of money into this since the cold war
A major part of survival is invisibility.
28 January 2013, 21:23,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
A five fold increase in staff numbers? Hmn, big government getting bigger.

If the USA was serious about protecting government computer systems from the wider internet, they would completely separate the two. Would be relatively simple to do, and other organisations in other countries have successfully done it. But no, they want to play world police.
28 January 2013, 21:29,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
Methinks I will start reading just a bit more of publications like the Huff, as I just pointed out to someone else I am not to interested in such issues cos I cannot do anything about them, I prefer just to being plain old simple me and focus on tangible threats but it doesnt do any harm to keep a weather eye open.

29 January 2013, 09:11,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
This Big Brother mentality is spreading and will gather momentum quite disproportionately - sadly using our money and without any form of control from us. The argument will be that they are protecting our interests. If they did not spend so much time and effort poking their noses into other peoples affairs and rubbing them up the wrong way then a lot of this would not need to happen. A case for me, and mine, to stay Grey I think.
29 January 2013, 09:55,
RE: US to increase cyber security massively
The Americans are all paranoid anyway, they think there better than anyone else, and that everyone else hates them-they could be right!, the only way they will change other countries attitude to them is if they butt out of other peoples countries and mind their own business, something our own govt should do also!Angry
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