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26 April 2013, 20:30,
RE: Woodburners
(26 April 2013, 19:03)BeardyMan Wrote: Not a clue buddy, none of the literature with it says anything about it. They look to be twice the size of a frontier stove, and that puts out a good amount of heat, certainly enough to heat one room of a house. So these Swedish ones should be warmer

(26 April 2013, 18:27)Northumbriman Wrote:
(4 February 2013, 13:26)BeardyMan Wrote: Seems a few of you are after wood burning stoves for tents or backup.

I have the frontier stove, and it's great. I do wish I'd seen these before I bought mine though.

Swedish wood burning stove - NEW

complete with 4 x legs / wood rake and grill
overall height - approx 200cm
burner - approx 48cm length 30cm width 22cm height
chimney height - approx 155cm with 4 chimney sections

£155 + P&P (you can pick how you want this delivered, I think it'll be around £15 / £20 with the courier I use, but if you know of a cheaper one then use those Big Grin )

Hi Beardyman
Any idea what wattage of heat they are roughly able to produce? I am looking foir something I can use in the house as well as in a tent and that looks pretty ideal. We have GCH so this is intended as a backup in the house and not a main heat source.

No problem mate thanks.
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