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What to do with dead bodies
17 February 2013, 21:35, (This post was last modified: 17 February 2013, 21:37 by Scythe13.)
RE: What to do with dead bodies
Dead people, in flats and houses, that are loners, are not found because they are reported missing. They're found because the neighbours report the smell. If that smell is there, you're not in for a happy time nextdoor! You WILL want to remove that smell. By then, you're too late! If you open that door, you'll be met by millions of flies!!!

You'll want to dispose of them subtly and with as little contact as possible. Remember, if they're dead, you can use their gardens.

It'll be a hell of a job, but burying the bodies is your best bet. You have minimal contact with the bodies and it's not going to send a smoke signal hundreds of meters into the sky.

Cable ties and curtains will be your best friends for moving the bodies.
Get a pickaxe to break up the ground to bury them. Just usong a spade will make it really hard work. I didn't know lime helped degrade the body,so that's worth chexking out.

If you wrap the outside of the body and simulate spontaneous combustion's system (internal fuel, body. External wick, clothing) and allow the fire to do its job, instead of burning away the clothing in a regular fire system, the body can burn almost completely.
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17 February 2013, 21:56,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
i was lucky enough (NOT) to be doing security in cumbria when they were burning mass of cows after foot and mouth and it bloody stunk ! move house would be my plan if they drop off after shtf
17 February 2013, 22:12,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
(17 February 2013, 21:14)Metroyeti Wrote: ...Erik are racoon dogs just ferral dogs?
no they are totally different species.
brought by the fur traders long time ago. pretty cute when puppies.

but main competitor to the local fox, badger and other smaller carnivorous animals. also one of the biggest rabies distributors.

raccoon dogs are most stupidest of canine family, they are killed a lot by the cars each year.

you are so lucky to not to have it in the uk!
17 February 2013, 22:50,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
Were lucky not to have rabies, but I have strong feeling it will come back, people dont see the harm there doing when smuggling pets/animals back from abroad. Always been abit of a worry for me, they have now scrapped the pet passport scheme wich makes rabbies more likely Sad
17 February 2013, 23:37,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
If you are dealing with pandemic disease burn them in place inside the house. Torch the entire structure.

If the bodies do not burn completely they will be so charred as to be of no concern.

If dealing with a large number of dead bodies from other causes then dump them in a suitable ditch, add wood or other fuel and burn them in a pit. The burn will be more complete and the little that remains will not draw dogs, hogs buzzards or other vermin that spread infection.

If you have a bulldozer cover the charred remains.

Burning bodies in a ditch is similar to using a fire pit for your campfire. It burns hotter and in a more controlled manner. Once the fats in the body start rendering out and burning in the bottom of the pit the blaze gets very intense.

BTW, I got my info from a couple of Korean War vets that had body disposal as a job. Sometimes they had to dispose of thousands of NKorean/Chineese bodies after major battles.

Dig a pit, fill with bodies, cover with desil fuel, burn for two days, then cover.
18 February 2013, 06:16,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
Bodies will have to be disposed of, because flies, etc., carry disease. Your best way of dealing with dead bodies has been given above by Mortblanc. Kenneth Eames.
18 February 2013, 08:20,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
Ok just read through the post and most of the solutions seem to rely on a lot of effort and your own energy ie burrying the bodies or the use of resources such as a fuel to burn the bodies, I'm going to go off at a bit of a tangent trying to think outside the box if you like, I fully agree with Mortblanc if it does not put your location at risk simply set fire to the property and burn the bodies were they lie, no need to have any contact and a building fire will not be so unusual post shtf, if the bodies are in a next flat say then remove the bodies and simply lay them out in the open preferrably down wind a good distance away and let nature run its course, yes they will smell but it will only last a few days, nature is remarkably efficient at recycling the dead. this method has been used in the past by North American indians and in such mountainous areas as the Himalayas where burial is not an option, As far as smell and flies are concerned if you are in an urban area you are not going to escape from them as there will be far more bodies than a hand full of people can dispose of.
18 February 2013, 08:49,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
In the hymalayas they realy on vultures to tidy up quiclly for them
18 February 2013, 09:21,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
(18 February 2013, 08:49)Metroyeti Wrote: In the hymalayas they realy on vultures to tidy up quiclly for them

We have dogs, fox, badger, rook, crow and buzzard just to name a few
18 February 2013, 10:28,
RE: What to do with dead bodies
if there are a lot of dead bodies here after TSHTF i'm leaving!!Big GrinBig Grin

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