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Bag.......Quitting the project.
18 March 2013, 21:23,
RE: Bag.......Quitting the project.
(18 March 2013, 20:44)SecretPrepper Wrote: It looks cool. like something from maxpedition.

The base unit was the maxpedition side carry bag thing, but from the original company that makes them for MaxPed, so really it was just a Maxped but without the branding haha. Totally screwed now, it's in the bin.
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18 March 2013, 21:25,
RE: Bag.......Quitting the project.
(18 March 2013, 20:03)Scythe13 Wrote:
(18 March 2013, 18:09)preservefreak Wrote: are you dumping the bag S13 or unpicking it? might be worth sticking it in the swap and barter section

I've ripped way too much of it apart. If you want it, you'll get it then regret it. I've taken off almost everything, then redone it. Some has worked, and some has not. But, on average, it's more destroyed than not. It's just a pity I didn't recognise my dislike for the bag before I did so much work on it.

All part of the learning curve bud. At least you're having a go!
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