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Sanitary Products
9 June 2013, 12:40,
RE: Sanitary Products
My wife uses a Mooncup (menstrual cup) and thinks they are brilliant. She's had the same one for about five years and after each period it just gets washed, brought to the boil in a pan to sterilise it and then put away for next month. Such a simple but effective low-tec and ecologically sound device.

She also used to run a company selling washable nappies and says that the Mother-ease ones are the best. We used the same set of washable nappies for both of our kids, then passed them on to another parent to use with their kids when we no longer needed them. We saved £££'s using these, not to mention the number of disposable nappies which were not sent to landfill. Again another old fashioned but highly effective product.
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8 August 2013, 11:17,
RE: Sanitary Products
This is a subject close to my heart! We have used cloth nappies on both kids, my youngest is still in them. There are literally thousands of different types available. Places like and (both UK sites) have good selections of the most popular types. HOWEVER, modern cloth nappies probably aren't the best solution in a SHTF situation. Modern fabrics like microfibre are very difficult to rinse properly by hand (I have tried it), which leads to trapped detergent and trapped bacteria, and many nappies are several layers thick, which makes them both difficult to clean properly by hand and very slow to dry. A much better option is the traditional cotton terry square which can be bleached and boiled if necessary. It's basic but very cheap, easy to wash, quick to dry and can be folded to fit any size of baby or toddler if you get the standard size ones. Forget plastic pants and get some good quality 'one size' wraps like Blueberry Coveralls, add some traditional pins or the safer 'nappy nippas' and you're sorted. Terries can be used for loads of things after nappies too. Don't stop at nappies, get cloth wipes too... and 'family cloth' if you're brave Big Grin

A good place for washable feminine supplies is Again, loads of different pads available but cups are probably the better option if the water and electricity are off.

With nappies and feminine products, I would use them for at least a few months before needing to. Same as anything, you don't just learn a skill by reading about it and there is skill involved in both, or at least different methods you need to use than using disposables.
8 August 2013, 11:23,
RE: Sanitary Products
Duct tape does the job and also gives you a Brasilian at the same time Smile

I think terry nappys made from toweling are still available I think ( hope) and washable / reusuable sanitary pads are also available still from some places.
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8 August 2013, 12:03,
RE: Sanitary Products

Tesco sells cheap terries - 6 for £7.99. You'd want maybe 4 packs if you can wash them every day and wring them out well. Don't touch their plastic pants though!
4 October 2016, 08:04,
RE: Sanitary Products
Menstruation is a common problem every women have to face in her life. Use of sanitary products like coupe menstruelle which are internally worn and reusable could be the best option to use in those days. These cups are mostly made from natural gum rubber or medical grade silicone. You can also refer for additional hints.
4 October 2016, 19:24,
RE: Sanitary Products
Got moon cups for my wife. Style A and B
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