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Sharia in London
2 May 2013, 15:57,
RE: Sharia in London
Has the population of Muslims in the Eurozone and North America yet surpassed the population in the mid east and other traditional Muslim nations?

Immigration often works in that way. I know that at one time there were more Irish in America than there were in Ireland, and the same with Italians.

Mexican immigrants are now our second largest minority.

Oddly enough, white males are the largest minority in our nation and we get no official recognition, except that each and every program instituted by the government is in direct discrimination to us.
2 May 2013, 16:16,
RE: Sharia in London
Everything bad ever to every race ever is our fault. We should also load up on white guilt. Hope you aren't straight too. You'd be evil incarnate.

Hoping for all this shit to come to a tipping point and it all gets reset to normal.
3 May 2013, 17:50,
RE: Sharia in London
(2 May 2013, 16:16)Carnebwen Wrote: ... Hoping for all this shit to come to a tipping point and it all gets reset to normal.

I hope it does too, but the more time the banksters and politicians can prop up the present system, the more time people (especially the people that were "late to the party") have time to prepare. Every "normal" day is a gift. Don't squander it!
If at first you don't secede, try, try again!
3 May 2013, 17:55,
RE: Sharia in London
not reset to same as it was before! we need it to be different next time, at least I DONT! cant think of anything as boring as same old,same old!
3 May 2013, 18:22,
RE: Sharia in London
It would be different for a long time and it would take generations to get to some simular if at all

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