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Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
4 August 2012, 12:32,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"

Truthfully? No idea. Maybe it has something to do with always drinking fully leaded milk and not going to the dentist. I haven't had toothache since I was 29, when I broke the tooth. And I can't remember the last time I had a mouth ulcer.

Not that I'm advocating not going to the Dentist, but it has always struck me as odd that you have to go see the dentist every 6 months whether you have problems or not, yet you only visit the GP when you need to. I'm an if it ain't broke, don't fix it type.

Sailing away, not close to the wind.Heart
4 August 2012, 12:49,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
well after the last few weeks of waiting for a dentist i even you greatly!...hope i can go the rest of my life without another filling Tongue

bloody hell prepaday thats ridiculous, i woulda stormed out and just tied it to a car or something and get a mate to peg it xD...well a rocket if possible Big Grin....yeah pain makes people do crazy stuff!
13 August 2012, 19:17,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
I had septicemia after a filling went bad, due to an idiot dentist capping a dirty cavity when I was 12. The result was a bacteria rave inside my jaw.
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13 August 2012, 19:21,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
(13 August 2012, 19:17)Tibbs735 Wrote: I had septicemia after a filling went bad, due to an idiot dentist capping a dirty cavity when I was 12. The result was a bacteria rave inside my jaw.

oh mate that must of hurt i had a abscss in a lose tooth oh my days that hurt Sad
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
14 August 2012, 04:59,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
my ex best mates mum had an absess the size of a golf ball in her mouth o.O

if i remember correctly she said she'd prefer to have another child instead of go through that again xD

man teeth suck.
14 August 2012, 10:47,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
Teeth dont suck, gums do Smile

14 August 2012, 15:54,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
2 of my friends have pulled their own teeth. Dave did it twice - had himself some rubber tipped pliers which gave a pretty good hold on the tooth in question. Dennis, being an alcoholic, just used metal pliers and a stanley blade to remove one of his K9s.

My dad's crazy cousin (and I mean actually crazy, but give him anything to fix and he'll do it in seconds - some kind of idiot savant) drilled and filled his own teeth cause he was too tight to go to the dentist. I've not got a clue how he managed it given he completed the "procedure" in his workshop?

I need to go and get both of my top wisdom teeth whipped out, too much billy whizz when I was a young 'un Sad half of both of 'em has crumbled away. Last time I visited the dentist though I left (after the nutter tried to stick what can only be described as an ice pick in my gob) shouting obscenities as I scurried away as quickly as humanly possible. Not been back since - I need to be sedated.
19 August 2012, 19:37,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
Nice post nr. Had an abcess a couple of years ago,worst pain ive ever had. Only had one good nights sleep after I drank a bottle of jager,the pain didnt wake me up Big Grin
19 August 2012, 19:48,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
welcome aboard Metroyeti..glad to see you took my advice Tongue i dont feel any pain with my teeth cos all the nerves are dead..still hanging onto them as long as possible.
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14 June 2016, 20:44,
RE: Dental Preparedness by " Pat"
(4 August 2012, 11:59)Prepaday Wrote: What about pulling teeth after TSHTF and there is no dentists? Any advice on what is the best and safest way? Smile

This is a thread that needs to be discussed long and hard, i have been trying to get all mine cleared since June 2013 atfer a dislocation that happened after a root extraction botch up, i have 3 only left now it has been a living nightmare, the rules are they cannot extract a tooth they can save, i had to go to a hospital panal to overturn that, i would remind those if any that do not pay for their dental work, those on income support or other excemtion it is an open ticket for dentists in the UK to claim off the NHS i like Paul seem to have landed on my feet with a better one now, but it has been so much misery.
There is a product that was used years ago called a dental key, no idea where to get one but i am oh so interested.
I personally knew someone when i was small end of the 50's who actually died throgh septic shock believe it or not with a rotted tooth no one would take out.
so beware and also never ever use superglue to glue in a crown it can cause serious damage needing grafts
or never put painkiller on the gum that is very bad.

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