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living without a fridge/freezer
1 July 2013, 23:01,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
Number 1 issue there seems to be cider!

In WW1 (might have been WW2, I can't remember which) plane piolets used to fill a bucket with petrol, leave the top open, then turn a plane engine on, just by the bucket. This is as Tarrel has explained, but colder. The beers diffused their heat into he petrol and the higher energy petrol rose to the surface of the bucket. Thus the warmer petrol was blown away and the subsequent removal of the higher energy particles resulted in a lower average temp of the bucket's contents. Basically, heat went from beer to petrol then removed, thus cooling the beer down. Decadent in the war...? Maybe. Useful physics? Definitely!

As of late I've been experimenting with sleeping bags as a way to keep stuff cool. It's remarkably effective! Keeps heat in via insulation, but keeps heat out, via insulation too. Got a load of unmelted choc in the car, all under a sleeping bag,while it's 25 outside and the car is greenhousing!!! I'm stunned by it's efficiency!
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20 August 2013, 17:37,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
well its been 7 wks now and iv found it eazy if i want fresh stuff i buy it on the day if theirs some leftover i cover it with a wet tea cloth .
this works for 12hrs plus but i dont push it all in all i miss cold beer on a hot day but its a small price to pay
20 August 2013, 19:03,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
I was reading this thread when my o/h arrived home from Oban,.. guess what, she bought two pots,.. so I am going to try this fridge out very soon
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21 August 2013, 08:03,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
Hi All, I'd suggest a Pot in Pot Fridge. No power required and works well, been used for 1000's of years to cool stuff down or making ice cream!

I'm not saying it's a replacement as such but for keeping meat or dairy products cool it does the job, or even diabetes med's

you can make one yourself by just buying the pots from any garden centre, try it, it does work!

21 August 2013, 09:25,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
Living without a refrigerator was how life was for most people on the planet until the 1920s

Those who could stored large quantities of lake ice in subterranean ice houses, if lucky this resource would be usable until mid summer. For everyone else, the old way was to consume as much as possible fresh, to smoke, dry, pickle, tin, bottle, cure and preserve meats fruits and vegetables for storage, and to extend the life of fresh produce by storing in cool pantries /larders and better still root cellars.

If we ever get to the stage that all of our electrical cooling equipment has failed, we will have to go back to these ways that were tried and tested in the past.
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21 August 2013, 11:17,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
I remember my Granny using her pantry to keep Hams and Dairy products fresh by evaporation. She stood the Milk in a pot dish and put water halfway up the side of the Milk bottle, she then draped a muslin cloth over the milk with the bottom portion of the cloth in the water. The water would soak up the cloth by capillary action and because there was a constant flow of air through the pantry it would evaporate drawing heat from the milk thus cooling it very effectively even in Summer. She also used to "wet down" the floor. You don't really need a fridge or freezer, we have just been conditioned to believe we need them to live in a modern world.
21 August 2013, 12:34,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
my parents lived for most of their lives without a freezer and with a very basic fridge, we didn't see Freezers in the south west until the early 70s, about the time we got the first supermarket.
21 August 2013, 21:05,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
(21 August 2013, 09:25)Lightspeed Wrote: Living without a refrigerator was how life was for most people on the planet until the 1920s

Bliemy, Big Grin never mind the 20`s,...I was about 10yrs old before we had electric
A major part of survival is invisibility.
22 August 2013, 12:29,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
OH didn't have electric until the 1960s when she was a teenager.
4 June 2014, 12:30,
RE: living without a fridge/freezer
well im still doing this , winter eazy summer wet tea towles ouer things like a cooked chicken.

why not give it a go, if the shtf you will have no choise...

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