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Dentisty, salt.
3 August 2013, 01:48,
Dentisty, salt.
Hi everyone.

It has been a while. Probably not long enough for many people haha. Well, sorry to disappoint.

Anyway, while I've been away, I have managed to get stressed and get an infection in my mouth. Unfortunately, I have been so busy that I've had to resort to one of my favourite pastimes....self operating!

To give you a history of my self operations, for those that don't know the extent of my 'hobby', the successful operations (some with 'side effects' shall we say) include, solving a nail infection with Savlon injected under the nail, Gaffa tape and glue to reaffix the top of a knuckle, boiling water to solve an infected cut (taken 3 times a day), crushed doc leaves with toilet tissue and selotape to solve scolding from boiling water, amongst many others.

Well, the latest foray into Dr Scythe13's adventures saw me being a dentist.

Roll up those with playing around wisdom teeth, my surgery is open. Thankfully, this is pretty easy to solve, but for those with high blood pressure, you might want to see a real dentist. Actually, even for those without high blood pressure, I'd recommend seeing a dentist instead of doing what I do!!! In actual fact, don't ever repeat what I do, just learn from my numerous mistakes.

Okay, well basically I decided to keep the area smothered with salt for a long time. This meant getting as much salt on the area of my gum that was swollen, in back behind the wisdom teeth, and around that general area.

As it turns out, LoSalt is the most painful, and thus by my thought process, the most effective. However, having said that, it is also the most difficult to work with. Let me explain.

LoSalt is the equivalent of flakes of sand. These flakes are best applied via a wet finger. Then scraped off the finger. This does not allow for even distribution of the compound. Maldon salt (this is awesome for cooking with!!!) on the other hand, comes in awesome small square crystals. These are soooo easy to pick up. Think of it as salt-flakes, but in a square shape. It's literally like picking up a small pyramid made of salt. It is very easy to place on the area of damage/infection. The pain is not too much, which is good in one way, but by my logic of 'pain is good' it may well take a few more coatings of salt to relieve the area of interest.

I have however, also found gargling with hot water and salt (not too hot though) to be a very effective alternative to caking salt directly to the wound. Personally, I like to use both as a sure fire way to solve the issue. In about 36 hours, I should be back to normal without any kind of swelling or pain.

Exciting news? Not really. Helpful hint when dealing with mouth issues (if caught early enough)? I've found it to be so.
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3 August 2013, 10:10,
RE: Dentisty, salt.
every time i have a tooth pulled out the dentist always tells me to gargle with warm salty water day and night .
seems to work is it a natural antiseptic ?
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3 August 2013, 10:15,
RE: Dentisty, salt.
clove oil works better for me
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
3 August 2013, 10:19,
RE: Dentisty, salt.
best thing is to have a regular 6 monthly appointment with your dentist and keep your teeth in good working order, that way you'll have good teeth for when TSHTF.
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3 August 2013, 23:18,
RE: Dentisty, salt.
(3 August 2013, 01:48)Scythe13 Wrote: .....boiling water to solve an infected cut (taken 3 times a day), crushed doc leaves with toilet tissue and selotape to solve scolding from boiling water......

....she swallowed a bird to catch the spider.....

Big Grin

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