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Vinegar For Expedient Field Hygiene
24 September 2013, 01:42,
Vinegar For Expedient Field Hygiene
A sponge bath of water and vinegar is an effective field hygiene expedient. When camping in Italy last year, veterans of the Alpini Regt. instructed us in methods which have been used by Italian troops since the Roman era.

About 500ml or a pint of vinegar is mixed with an equal part of clean water. If potable water is scarce, ordinary cider or wine vinegar from the mess may be used used straight. Under normal field conditions the diluted vinegar-water is heated in the mess tin over the cook fire to a steamy, comfortable washing temperature, before using first to brush your teeth, then to rinse your mess tin and eating utensils.

Next, using either a clean linen dish towel, your wash cloth or a triangular bandage from your first aid kit, wipe your mess gear dry and clean before putting it away. Use the remaining warm vinegar-water to moisten the wash cloth and use it first to wash and wipe your face and shave. Finish by washing the feet, armpits and crotch area, then change into clean socks and underwear before putting on your outer clothes, which, if you don't have clean spares, have been warmed, dried and lightly smoked near the cook fire to repel insects.

Vinegar is a very effective general purpose cleaner, deodorizer and fungicide which effectively relieves heat rash and insect bites. It has many uses around the house as well, but it is good to know that if you run out of soap it is an effective expedient sanitizer which cuts through the trail "funk."

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
24 September 2013, 08:10,
RE: Vinegar For Expedient Field Hygiene
We use a lot of different vinegars for home made cleaning products one very useful item to have loads of.
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24 September 2013, 08:55,
RE: Vinegar For Expedient Field Hygiene
Vinegar is one of those real magic solutions to have around, there are so many uses for it
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24 September 2013, 11:56,
RE: Vinegar For Expedient Field Hygiene
I always keep a minimum 6 gallons in stock but this is increasing to ten plus for normal .
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