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Self-contained temperature regulated solar powered dehydrator
9 October 2013, 09:04,
RE: Self-contained temperature regulated solar powered dehydrator
(9 October 2013, 01:11)Spuzzana Wrote: ...It is possible to obtain a solar kit to make a 1KH system for £240...

Got a link for this kit? Something not quite right there but if it's really a 1kW kit for £240 then I'll have a dozen please! Big Grin

If you want to update your knowledge on solar power, I did a post here which might help you with planning a back up solar system.
I'm NOT political so DON'T correct me!
9 October 2013, 17:59,
RE: Self-contained temperature regulated solar powered dehydrator
Your wish is my command dear sir.

Something that I have just noticed is there is a second price which includes the VAT so that takes the price to £285.60.

General link to their website:

Link to the kit:

There is another kit here that looks identical at a lower price £233.33 Ex VAT with VAT £277.66:

If you spot anything that is not quite right let me know, as I have no experience with solar cell kits.

This kit is the one I am thinking of starting off with. At just under £30 its not going to break the bank if I don't achieve my goals and totally screw it up. Looking at the inverse side, how valuable will that experience be for the future?
9 October 2013, 21:32,
RE: Self-contained temperature regulated solar powered dehydrator
Okay, just had a quick look at the links, thanks.

Two ways of looking at these basic kits.

a) stay well clear. Unless you are a keen DIY enthusiast, you're going to hit many a brick wall assembling this lot from scratch. The delicate cells and their connections must be soldered together in a suitable housing that is 100% sealed and protected against the weather and environment otherwise they'll break down in no time. You'll have to provide a heck of a lot more than you realise. Mate of mine who is a dab hand at DIY tried something like this for his boat and it worked, for a little while, and then it went tits up cos the weather got in just enough to start the corrosion. He spent a lot of time, effort and money and ended up regretting it. They are without warranty and I love the way they say "Good luck!" at the end of their summary! Dodgy

b) great if you want to learn about solar panels from scratch and have a workshop and plenty of time and resources at hand. It will be a learning experience that perhaps, one day, will put you in good stead ie if you get a free panel cos it isn't working and you manage to fix it. Cool

Whichever way, definitely go for the cheap kit first and see how the cookie crumbles. "Good luck!" Big Grin
I'm NOT political so DON'T correct me!
11 October 2013, 22:08, (This post was last modified: 11 October 2013, 22:16 by Spuzzana.)
RE: Self-contained temperature regulated solar powered dehydrator
Cheers for the heads up Nix.

Purchased this kit to have a play with and see how I go on.

Although its a fiver more expensive, it has more kit in the bag so to speak.

I'll post piccys and updates Smile

Hi Lightspeed

After looking at the links and finding out more info, the car seat heating elements is a great idea. However, they won't go up to the maximum temperatures that are required for some types of de-hydration.

So its back to the drawing board for heating. For de-hydration the highest temperatures for certain types of products, the temperature will need to go up as high as 63C

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