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Looking to start work exchanges
15 March 2014, 21:47,
Looking to start work exchanges
Hello folk
I have recently started up a work exchange with a smallholder who lives near me. He helps me out one week, I help him out the following week, and so on.
I would like to also arrange one off work exchanges with as many people as possible, just to meet new people and chat as we work. Please note that this is not a LETS scheme I am proposing, but one off or regular arrangements between folk.
Personally, IF you are within a 40 mile radius of me I propose I do ahlf day or day's work for you sometime, and then you reciprocate for me. I will try my hand at anything whether it's home D.I.Y. (inexperienced in conventional D.I.Y. but fairly good with handtools) or helping you with some paperwork (I'm good with writing). I can help with home stuff or business stuff. If you come to me you will be doing some land based work such as sawing firewood or digging a veggie bed or maintaining a woodland path.
I kno Big Paul and Northeern Raider are near enough to me and there may be someone else near enough in south Devon I can't remember. Totnes way could work too as my sister lives around there.
I sincerely hope that one of you at least may be up for a one-off work exchange with me.
The prepping relevance is that this simply strengthens community.
Cheers and all the best to all.

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