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12 month Coms pack storage test
21 April 2014, 03:05,
12 month Coms pack storage test
Assisting my daughter to fix her car stereo I came across the little ruggedized coms pack that I installed in her car almost a year ago ( 11 months)

The pack is a UV3r type walkie-talkie, headset, charging cable, and operating instructions. They are all contained within one of the little crush proof, waterproof holiday document cases.

To enhance the storage capability of the battery, I inserted a small slither of polythene between its contacts within the radio.

This pack has been in a car that went to Italy on holiday last summer ( More than 30C) and skiing in the French alps this winter (at least -10C) Its been rattled around, under the seat in a very dusty and hostile environment.

This semi-long term trial shows that simple ruggedizing of these little radios is effective and inexpensive. The polythene isolation of battery terminals trick was totally effective. Packs like tis can be kept in GHB and BOBs, only needing annual inspection and recharging, although 6 monthly might be more appropriate.

To save time following up old threads the kit is as follows:
Radio Baofeng UV3r:
Case, an opaque version of :
72 de



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