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Please break apart my idea and find as many faults as you can.
1 May 2014, 19:50,
RE: Please break apart my idea and find as many faults as you can.
Bugging out would be the nightmare scenario for me. How would you feel if you can back to your home and someone else had taken it over? Found your supplies and was comfortably ensconced. Let's face it, the UK just isn't big enough for all this "escape to the country" stuff. Make friends with your neighbours; organise a defence committee if need be; sort out your water - lots of butts and a large fish pond should be a good start; and prepare to defend your property if necessary. Co-operation is the key here and a group of determined defenders is going to be far more useful.
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2 May 2014, 09:54, (This post was last modified: 2 May 2014, 09:55 by Lightspeed.)
RE: Please break apart my idea and find as many faults as you can.
A couple of thoughts:

Observation: My understanding is that your house is in clear line of sight from your BOL. Is this correct? If yes, you'd only need reasonable quality optics to be able to observe it. A remote alarm system triggering a PMR radio alert ought to function well over this sort of range, alerting you to activity at the remote site, and allowing you to keep most of your attention on other BOL activities.

Water: How deep is the water table at your house? Do you know? If not get digging. A hole in the back garden will serve well to let you know how deep the ground water is. Leave the hole exposed for a whole year to see how the level rises and falls. If not too deep for you to reach with spade and effort type excavation, I'd consider doing two things ( in order). 1st get the water tested by a public health lab to see what's in it. 2nd, if the test does not identify any nasties you cannot filter/ remove yourself, consider lifting floorboards in a downstairs room and digging yourself a ground water well in there. You could cap it off and replace floorboards and leave as a contingency.

One thing to consider about ground water. It will tend to carry contaminants from higher levels to lower levels, so if your house is below the level of others in the area, what is clean water today could easily be contaminated with effluence if neighbours start building latrines and soak away cess pits in their gardens up-hill from you.
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2 May 2014, 20:05,
RE: Please break apart my idea and find as many faults as you can.
From 1.2 miles away you may not see someone ransacking your house.
Even if you do see someone enter the premises you’re probably at least 10 minutes away on foot.
Unless you can live comfortably at your BOL (some building with a roof, living under a tarp when it rains for 3 days straight is not fun) and move most of your supplied to it, I’d be primarily planning to stay at your house and use the BOL only if you’re overrun, rather than as plan A.
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9 March 2017, 13:41,
RE: Please break apart my idea and find as many faults as you can.
Re water although I have 5 x 210 water butts ,I also have 2 kiddies paddling pools 10 x 8 x 2 foot size and a pump to inflate them,along with 10 large tarps for collecting rain water and storage if required. A couple of small pumps for moving the water around as needed. Sawyer filters for making it safe to drinks.

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