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What Quarry do you Hunt?
9 May 2014, 19:59,
RE: What Quarry do you Hunt?
Anything edible that flies or walks, any freshwater fish available, A range of seafood mainly Shellfish at the moment, when Summer comes will be fishing for Cod, Mackeral. Rays and Bass.
25 July 2017, 07:18,
RE: What Quarry do you Hunt?
In England I hunted mostly wood pigeon, but here I hunt wild boar, wild goats, rabbit. Kangaroo, Wallaby, Walleroos are protected unless you are a land owner. As a land owner you can get a permit to shoot roos, but you are not legally allowed to eat them!!! I know, bloody stupid but that is the government all over. I am a land owner, but I only hunt for food.
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