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Composting Human Waste
21 May 2014, 12:50,
RE: Composting Human Waste
Tarrel, are you putting in a lot of willow and birch?

It'd be good to get some pics of what you're planting in there mate.
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21 May 2014, 15:09,
RE: Composting Human Waste
My wife's extended family out in the boonies all have septic tanks, however I doubt much composting is going on, having seen all the other junk they also throw in (plastic food packaging etc). I've also seen local farmers out there "mining" the public toilets' septic tanks, basically throwing buckets in and carting off whatever they get to fertilise the crops. I've tried pointing out that you should compost it first and use on trees rather than leafy veg, but they dump straight onto the greens without a care in the world.
21 May 2014, 15:13,
RE: Composting Human Waste
yeah, there is a farm around here that gets the waste from the local abattoir and mixes it in the slurry lagoon with farm waste and uses that on the fields.
21 May 2014, 15:59,
RE: Composting Human Waste

Well, we are planting willow and birch, but not where the treebog is. The treebog is in an established area of Noble Fir, with a good root structure underneath to "suck those nutrients down"!

I've embarked on a 10-15 year plan to diversify the woodland away from its current even-aged monoculture of Noble Fir. There are some natural clearings in low-lying areas where the Nobles haven't thrived. I think the ground is a bit wetter here. So, those are the priority for clearing, and we'll be replanting with willow and alder (both native and moisture-loving) over the coming winter. Chickens go in first, to clear the vegetation and add in some fertiliser, then replanting.

We've got some scots pine that needs thinning. I'll plant birch in some of the cleared areas there, as it seems to co-exist well with scots pine.

Will put some pics up when I've uploaded them to the 'puter.
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29 December 2020, 10:11,
RE: Composting Human Waste
As a full time liveaboard yachtie here in New Zealand, I've used both a Airhead and Natures head Composting toilets.
They work great, no odour, only maintenance is emptying out when getting too hard to agitate.
I leave a stainless steel spoon (not ladle) in corner inside cassette as pooper scooper, into a bag and presto, ready to go.
Only a small space required and uses a computer fan (12volt) to provide oxygen/air to break down waste.
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