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Dominant animal species?
26 April 2020, 09:03,
RE: Dominant animal species?
(28 May 2014, 16:47)bigpaul Wrote: I really don't see them being in enough numbers to cause a problem.
DOGS, Dogs, dogs..
When serving with the Military in Northern Australia, they were a constant menace. Smart, very smart, and NOT scared of us Humans.
Domestics gone wild, many generations on.
Even on Stradbroke Island, when doing a E&E, those bloody dogs were tracking us and waiting for us to get separated.
And, they do breed fast.

A Mate had to be Medi-vacced out in Nth Queensland.
He was a walking wounded and began walking down ridgeline at dusk.
He got about 500 meters when a dog jumped out in front of Him. He unslung his submachine gun (no live ammo, Twit) and turned around to run (hobble,,) back to us. The rest of Pack were by then spread over track. Approx. 15.
AMBUSHED.. we heard the barking and snarling and took off down on foot to rescue him. Successfully but not without a fight even with six of us. He would have been dog food without us.
Didn't you have wild Lions and Bears not that long past in the U.K. ?

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