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Article on positioning Solar Panels on homes
6 September 2014, 09:35,
RE: Article on positioning Solar Panels on homes
At the moment I am away from home - taking my other half to visit family - and will not be back for ten days or thereabouts. So I am hoping that the charge controller and panel are working in auto mode and putting on the 'nightlight' and recharging the battery each day.
I do accept that the panel could/would produce more amps if was positioned more effectively - but this is all in the nature of an experiment and for me to observe first hand what happens. When I get back I will have a go at putting a meter temporarily into the circuit to see what we get and when we get it - I would think that the readings will be quite low as suggested.
26 October 2015, 22:31,
RE: Article on positioning Solar Panels on homes
Just an update - it is just over twelve months since I put in the west facing panel on the wall and hooked it up to my battery.
The good news is that it functions like clockwork and is keeping the battery charged. The lighting in my little hideaway is all working off this unit as I type and the nightlight facility is continuing to be very useful.
Sadly I have not been able to put a meter into the circuit as suggested previously - time and domestic and caring duties have to be given a priority at the present. Hopefully I will get around to it.

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