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Camera Hunting
21 September 2014, 09:53,
Camera Hunting
Okay, I did a bit of a challenge a while back about getting a photo of a wild pigeon, preferably a wood pigeon, or a rabbit.

The responses were brilliant, and I think it probably got the largest uptake of the forum challenges.

Has anyone taken the next step and taken up a little wildlife photography or been on a wildlife photography course to help increase their ability to track, spot, and 'shoot' a wild animal?
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22 September 2014, 02:14,
RE: Camera Hunting
Not wildlife photography, but in an earlier life I learned techniques for covert observation and gathering evidence for evidence to be used in crimal cases. Animals are easy. Try sonebody who knows he may be observed and doesn't want to be seen. During the era of wet process photography and old school tradecraft, you had to be creative. With today's gear you don't need to be there and you can pan and zoom the camera over the internet and email the photos in real time or have live IR video.

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22 September 2014, 19:36,
RE: Camera Hunting
Taking the shot ....I am ok with .....putting them up on hear is something time your in south wales S ...pop in pal show this old bugger what to payment I will let you have my S13 turbo nutter bastard sled for all seasons complete with f..k off harness.
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