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is he right.
8 October 2014, 09:34,
is he right.
nigel farage speaks his mind over powells speech.

will we see rivers of blood ...?
Survive the jive (youtube )
8 October 2014, 10:04,
RE: is he right.
yes of course he is right, there are boroughs in London that the English born and bred population is the minority and it will only spread, come back in 50 or 100 years time(probably a lot less) and this country will be an Islamic country with that culture and beliefs and laws.
8 October 2014, 19:18,
RE: is he right.
I think he probably is right. It is just a matter of time before the irritated (!) natives of this country decide to take action.
I don’t want to hear my neighbour but I want to see the smoke of their chimney.
8 October 2014, 20:59,
RE: is he right.
I cannot wait for the GE .....its UKIP for me .....they cannot make things worse that's close to imposible ...just look at the alternatives ....conservative....labour.....lib something ....enough is enough with this shower of little boys in long trousers..... Ukip vote Ukip .. ..if you are awake . If you vote anything else you are brain dead.
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
8 October 2014, 21:56,
RE: is he right.
Not bad where I stay but I can see where he is coming from
9 October 2014, 22:24,
RE: is he right.
UKIP are stealing the right-wing nut-job vote from the Tories, despite having some policies that belong in a 1977 union meeting. A kind of Nationalist Socialist agenda. A recent analysis of UKIP supporters showed them as below average intelligence, in lower paid jobs, with less qualifications. Unfortunately that definition covers nearly 50% of the population - there is a real possibility these sub-normal voters could actually influence UK politics.

In real terms, vote UKIP - Get Milliband. How does that sound ? Still want to vote for Nigel ?
10 October 2014, 09:16,
RE: is he right.
Steve "vote UKIP get Labour" is the cry of the ruling classes, they want to SCARE us into not voting UKIP, with not a fag paper between the 3 and all pro EU, I don't believe Cameron when he says he will give us an in/out referendum in 2017(why 2017 why not now?).just another promise he will drop after the election. stay strong people, vote UKIP and lets give the lib/lab/cons a bloody nose at the polls. they are all running scared this morning cos UKIP have got their first MP!!!!Big Grin
10 October 2014, 11:32, (This post was last modified: 10 October 2014, 11:35 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: is he right.
Last night in Heywood those FEW who voted Tory got Labour, UKIP destroyed the Labour majority and only survived because disaffected Lib Dems voted Labour. UKIP is growing and growing and taking votes from all sides. There is no difference between the Tories and Labour your either voting for greedy corrupt, lying dishonest perverts and parasitic rich city speculators or equally corrupt, lying, dishonest parasitic Marxist trade unionists.

The ones who are below average intelligence are the ones who will keep voting Labour / Tory no matter how much of a mess they make out of the country.

Voting Labour or Tory is like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

10 October 2014, 11:42,
RE: is he right.
in Heywood the difference between the winning labour candidate and the UKIP one was a little over 600 votes, its was that close to getting a second UKIP MP !! the main parties are wetting themselves now and just watch out for the smear campaigns from all 3 between now and next May.(especially labours "rent a mob" bully boys).
10 October 2014, 11:53, (This post was last modified: 10 October 2014, 11:54 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: is he right.
Laughing my socks off at Grant Shapps and Ed Millipede this morning, talk about petulant losers, Shapps bottom lip was quivering so much with petulance he nearly fell over, the 3000 fools who voted Tory in Heywood let Labour get in. The party whose leader who gave us a cast iron guarantee over the EU referendum then reneged, the party that promised to wipe out the deficit by 2015 but failed, the party that said we are all in it together but only screwed the workers whilst letter the bankers ( and Labour) get away with ruining the economy.

The Ed Millipede the back stabber (ask David Millipede) " Labour is listening it is the party of the hard working people" Hardy har har har
Labour was the party that promised not to raise taxes if elected in 97 and then proceeded to add over 67 types of tax to the hard working peoples burden. Then the party of the hard working people stole their Mortgage Tax relief, followed by their Married persons tax relief, then they allowed council tax to more than double in under ten years, doubled fuel duty (which hurt the rural poor the hardest) raided our pension pots, sold off the gold reserves for a quarter of the value, bankrupted the economy started two illegal wars and allowed over 4 million immigrants pour into the UK (thus hammering the urban poorest) and making even finding a council house almost an impossibility. Not to mention its complete neglect of the core hard working decent working class people.

Anyway set aside the politics cos this is a prepping forum, Farage is the only guy I trust to encourage people to be self reliant and self sufficient.


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