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When is it ok to steal...?
26 October 2014, 21:44,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
well we will see ,just because too people on the dole ripped you off doesn't mean they are all the same
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
26 October 2014, 21:55,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
I never said all people on the dole are feckless just some of them....I know/have met many more good ones than bad but it's the bad ones who get noticed/resented.
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
26 October 2014, 22:01,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
well f@#k me you just made my point
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
26 October 2014, 22:20,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
During a wrol world I believe it will be called scavenging Smile

To do with benefits I think the majority take the piss and abuse the easily abused system. And if I were pm I would put them to work on the side of the road picking up litter and basic community service for money
It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here

27 October 2014, 07:04,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
when you dont get caught i would have thought!
Ready for Anything
5 February 2016, 01:06,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
(25 October 2014, 19:55)Steve Wrote: Why do these threads always end up as a rant about benefit fraud ? Are you all so brainwashed by the Daily Mail ?

Have a look at the figures:

In summary:

Benefit Fraud
For 2011/12 (preliminary), it is estimated that 2.0 per cent of total benefit expenditure was overpaid due to fraud and error.
In 2010/11 – benefit fraud was estimated at £3.4bn – 2.2% of total benefit expenditure (£154bn)
(Dept for Work and Pensions)
It is also estimated that 0.9%, or £1.3bn, of total benefit expenditure was underpaid due to error.

Don't forget that the overpayment figures include screwups by the DWP, which they like to include with fraud as it makes them look less incompetent.

Also, in 2010 an estimated £16 billion in benefits and tax credits were unclaimed.

Compare those figures with tax avoidance / evasion / underpayment:

Tax Avoidance and Tax Fraud

By comparison to benefit fraud, lost revenues from tax avoidance and tax evasion seems much greater. Using some measures of tax evasion and tax avoidance.
£70 billion of tax evasion,
£25 billion tax avoidance
£25 billion of unpaid tax

good point and top post
Survive the jive (youtube )
5 February 2016, 16:51,
RE: When is it ok to steal...?
We all get brainwashed by the media and the media is stupid too boot.

1) We have no idea how much tax evasion is as it is people like you and me doing hand to hand. Big companies just don't do it and all the talk about underpaid tax is bollocks. companies pay what they owe and no more. There are laws to ensure that.

2) Tax avoidance isn't illegal so that figure is meaningless. Avoidance is following the million stupid rules the government puts in place to reduce your tax bill. Paying into a pension or an ISA or whatever that gives a tax break is tax avoidance. Only socialists see this as an issue. imo the less tax we all pay the better.

3) Unpaid tax. Well they do claim that from you and £25B is not much considering how much they steal and how many errors they make and claim back. There are laws that can get that.
Skean Dhude
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