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knife making
10 January 2016, 11:31,
RE: knife making
What i want T O is the make 1 adze 1 froe and 1 scorp i think the scorp may well be beyond my skills ...never done any smithing worth talking about.
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
10 January 2016, 21:33,
RE: knife making
I'd start with the froe by far the easiest of the lot to make, not done an adze or a scorpe, mostly made knives and wood turning tools dont need much in the way of extra tools other than a pair of tongs and a hammer and a big lump of metal to bash it on Smile
4 January 2018, 21:45,
RE: knife making
RE. Knife making

Have seen an old thread on knife making using an old spring leaf. The steel mainly used is EN45 silicon manganese with 0.55% carbon, this gives a tuff blade which will hold a reasonable edge.
Soften by heating to red heat then allow to cool slowly, flatten then wire brush, draw knife profile on leaf and cut and shape using angle grinder and bench grinder, rough grind edge on the blade.
Drill holes in handle part to allow for rivets. To harden the blade heat to bright red (850C) then oil quench to cold, slowly reheat until blade JUST starts to show a little red (600C) and slowly cool, blade is now tempered. You can now polish the blade, fit a handle and sharpen you new knife.
If it doesn’t turn out first time you’ve had an interesting day, Good luck.

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