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12 volt goodies
18 July 2015, 21:31,
12 volt goodies
as used by many truckers ....

12 and 24 volt

iv never used them but know many who have.
ie 12 v oven over an hour to warm up a pre cooked pie
19 July 2015, 01:33,
RE: 12 volt goodies
Of the articles shown I have use both the kettles and the coffee makers. They are good for heating up water for rehydrating dried meals, but I would not want to try cooking a full meal in them. More suited to the way one uses a backpacking stove.

I have also owned, but do not see in this catalogue, a 12v saucepan that was very good for heating a can of soup in a minute or two.

if you have never tried them, the little emersion coils that you place in a cup of water and plug in are dandy devices. They will heat a cup of water to boiling in about 30 seconds. They are very fast. Also very cheap to purchase.

These things are all available at the stores located in what we call "truck stops" over here.
19 July 2015, 09:46,
RE: 12 volt goodies
the thread was for anybody worried about power cuts but own a car so they could heat food / water until power is restored using their cigglighter / 12 volt plug in uk cars / vans / lorrys.

I know a few with the fridges they run them during the day [when driving] and turn them off over night , very good for truckers who are fed up with fish n chips and all the other road side fast food.

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